Shore Nikbin Rohany


#CoronaUpdate with Shore: “We Seized the Opportunity”

Shore digitizes business for service providers and retailers with their software. The Munich-based company experienced the corona crisis as a…

Agile Robots


#CoronaUpdate with Agile Robots: “Want People to Be Able to Work Even Closer With Robots”

Agile Robot develops intelligent robots for a wide range of applications. Tanja Barschow, Head of Communications at Agile Robots, talks…

#CoronaUpdate Cliniserve


#CoronaUpdate with Cliniserve: “We Want to Help Tackle the Care Shortage”

Cliniserve offers a digital solution for hospitals that supports caregivers in performing their work. That means the potential customers of…



#CoronaUpdate with Fulfin: A Startup That Tripled Its Revenue During the Crisis

Fulfin helps eCommerce companies raise working capital. The startup benefitted greatly from the corona crisis, as co-founder Nathan Evans shares…

Coronaupdate Limehome


#CoronaUpdate with Limehome: “Corona Was the Absolute Litmus Test for Us”

Limehome has developed a technology platform that it uses to rent out designer apartments. Corona brought virtually all travel to…

#CoronaUpdate Userlane


#CoronaUpdate with Userlane: “The New Remote-First Situation Is Here to Stay.”

Userlane offers interactive step-by-step instructions intended to let users immediately use software at a high level of proficiency without any…

#Coronaupdate Accurate


Social Distancing Simulation: #CoronaUpdate with Accurate

Accurate simulates flows of people to make events and movement in buildings safer. Since the corona crisis began, there are…

CoronaUpdate Volabo


#CoronaUpdate with Volabo: “We’re right on schedule”

Volabo develops high-performance engines that run on a low voltage of 48 volts. In our #CoronaUpdate, Lena Honsberg, responsible for…

Coronaupdate Smartvillage


#CoronaUpdate with Smartvillage: “We’ve Changed Too”

Coworking depends on being physically present, sharing ideas and direct communication. Which is exactly why the corona crisis brought the…

Mecuris #CoronaUpdate


#CoronaUpdate with Mecuris: “A Huge Service Backlog Is Piling up Right Now”

Mecuris provides a digital platform that medical supply stores can use to produce individual orthotics and prosthetics for their customers.…