Are you just starting your company and looking for startup consulting in Munich? Or do you need tips about financing and internationalization? Then this overview will help you find the right people and institutions for the startup consulting you need in Munich.

It is important to note that we only refer to public institutions that serve as an initial point of contact. These institutions provide a (usually free) overview of every step involved in starting your company. 

1. Get the big picture with startup consulting

Do you have a brilliant business model, but no idea how to found a company? Then the best place to go is the Munich Business Startup Office. Consulting from the Munich Business Startup Office is the first point of contact and is suitable for those looking to become self-employed or in need of support in the founding process. During startup consulting, you are given an overview of the steps involved in founding a company, can ask questions about subjects such as business plans, funding or insurance issues and also gain insight into topics such as legal forms or taxes. Information about the right networks, startup centers and events are also provided by the Startup Office in Munich. 

A quick introduction to essential startup topics from business plans to insurance options is available through the checklists, brochures and short videos in the Munich Business Startup Office media library. Otherwise, you can go

  1. online to make an appointment for their info event or 
  2. call the Office for a (virtual) one-on-one meeting. 

Those who are interested in starting a company in skilled crafts should contact the Chamber of Skilled Crafts for Munich and Upper Bavaria (HWK) for initial startup consulting. They offer support on anything starting from the idea all the way to the market launch of an innovative product or service. The HWK also provides monthly free initial consulting for inventors for (aspiring) members to clear up any questions about patent applications.

2. Sort out the details with startup consulting in Munich

In addition to questions above, legal or tax related questions often come up. Free consulting for startups would be particularly nice for founders, but is hard to come by. Depending on your question, however, a diverse range of support is available. One option for startups is to obtain information about specific industries from the corresponding industry association, who can also answer questions about legal issues or insurance. The IHK also offers information about specific questions regarding taxes or legal matters.

Further support is available from startup centers, incubators and accelerators for a wide range of issues having to do with starting a company. On the one hand, experts are available to answer specific questions. On the other, you are surrounded by many other founders and can benefit from their experience. Startups can also gather more useful tips by participating in startup competitions, such as the Munich Business Plan Competition. Moreover, Baystartup offers coaching for tech-oriented startups and young growing companies.

3. Get started — and don’t forget to network!

Proper planning is important, but you should also get things done. That’s why the name of the game at a certain point is: Get to it! In addition to non-stop intense daily business and taking care of your customers, you should also budget time for networking in your monthly schedule.

Ideally, ask right away during your startup consulting in Munich about your key points of contact, good events for your industry and about potential partners. One factor that is often underestimated  is finding good mentors who either help your startup with specific topics or support you for a longer period of time.

4. Find financing and support

You’ve already gotten started because you’re bootstrapping your startup? Fantastic. But if you need the right financing before you can really get going, you’ll find the most important information in our Munich Startup Financing overview. Have you written your business plan and know that venture capital is the only option? Then become familiar with theMunich investor scene in this article.

For some startups, public funding like the Digitalbonus, Wipano, or the Innovation Voucher can be interesting (additional) funding options. In this area as well, you can take advantage of relevant startup consulting for highly innovative startups.

5. Scale and go international

Do you want to hire foreign staff and have questions about visa requirements? Do you need help acquiring a work permit for new employees from abroad? The “Point of Single Contact (PSC)“ of the City of Munich can also help you take the first step when dealing with these kinds of international business issues. The service is free and offered in German and English.

Are you established in the market and now want to expand abroad? The chambers IHK and HWK also offer an initial overview with their startup consulting and provide recommendations such as the funding program “Go International”. The program helps covers costs such as

  • international trade shows and exhibitions in the target market
  • consultants for specific industries or countries, such as foreign trade consultants or foreign chambers of commerce as well as tax or legal consulting
  • a website in a foreign language
  • product certifications, trademark applications, patent applications

Do you want to expand to South East Asia or America? Then apply to German Accelerator. We’ll keep you posted about dates and deadlines in our news.

Gründerland Bayern also provides a good overview of how to tap into foreign markets. Would you like to read more about internationalization? And we, of course, always report about successful first steps made by Munich-based startups abroad, events and competitions for the internationalization of startups.