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2NA Fisch, Munich Startup Award 2024


2NA Fish is the Best Munich Startup of 2024

The 8th Munich Startup Award goes to 2NA Fish. This means the healthtech startup gets the title of “Best Munich…

Munich Startup Festival - Panel City Council


Munich Startup Festival: Homework for the city council

Four political parties, four opinions? At the Munich Startup Festival, representatives of the Munich City Council spoke about the challenges…

Remy Lazarovici, Celonis


“Growth from three to over 3,000 employees means massive changes” – Update from Celonis

Remy Lazarovici, a Celonis employee from the very beginning and an expert in process mining, is Managing Director DACH of…


André Schwämmlein from Flix: “We are far from finished”

USA, Chile and soon India – if anyone knows how to internationalize, it’s Flix. In this interview, we talk to…

Zebra Embassy


“Our vision is to establish Zebra Embassy as the ‘McKinsey of the Zebra Movement'”

Kinexon, Everdrop, Freeletics, Edurino – a number of Munich-based startups have already sought advice from Zebra Embassy. The consulting firm…

Svenja Lassen Business Angels


Influencing innovation and the future as business angels

Our startup ecosystem is unbalanced. At least in terms of the proportion of female founders, but also in terms of…

Munich Startup Award Gewinner 2023


Deepdrive is the “Best Munich Startup” 2023

The 7th Munich Startup Award was presented yesterday at the Munich Startup Festival. The “Best Munich Startup” is Deepdrive. The…

Christian Lindner, Svenja Lassen und Hanno Rener uaf dem Munich Startup Festival


Munich Startup Festival: Federal Minister of Finance Christian Lindner wants to make it easier for startups to get funding

“Where does politics need to support startups more?” Slightly late, but all the more eagerly awaited, Federal Minister of Finance…



Munich Startup Festival: Think circularly

Global warming, scarcity of resources and supply bottlenecks make the topic of the circular economy a particularly pressing one. Which…

Franzi Majer Superangels


How Superangels Will Be Investing in Startups

A new VC just recently joined the Munich startup scene. The names behind it are Alexander Brand, Florian Gottschaller and…