‘Activate Your Network” – Crowdfunding Tips from V-Juice

Founder Tilman Röder developed V-Juice, the thinnest wireless charging station in the world. He has won various awards with his patent-pending product, and the crowdfunding campaign was also a success. He reveals his top tips in our interview.

Munich Startup: How did you prepare for the campaign and where did you find good support for V-Juice? 

Tilman Röder, V-Juice: We collected a wide range of information and spoke to many experienced people. A webinar and the accompanying white paper from Launchboom were particularly helpful. We also hired a crowdfunding consultant who had already been very successful with a crowdfunding campaign

The most effective tip 

Munich Startup:  What was the most useful tip you received while preparing your campaign? 

Tilman Röder: It’s nothing fancy, but effective: activate your existing network. 
Munich Startup: What was the biggest challenge during the campaign? 

Tilman Röder: Establishing a very large newsletter distribution list. 

V-Juice: Network effects and reach thanks to crowdfunding support 

Munich Startup: How did you benefit from the crowdfunding support from the city of Munich? 

Tilman Röder: In a variety of ways – in addition to one-on-one consultation and concrete tips, we also benefitted from network development. What was really great were the events and the opportunity to expand our reach. 

And last but not least, the gentle pressure to finally “get our act together” – like when you’re at university and really give your all right before handing something in. 
Munich Startup: What insights did you gain during the campaign? What surprised you in positive – or negative – ways? 

A look at V-Juice’s solution. 

Tilman Röder: Our goal was to build a newsletter distribution list with more than 10,000 people. Despite some investment in Google Ads and press work, it unfortunately wasn’t possible. 

The campaign built a good foundation 

Munich Startup: What lasting impact has come from the campaign? And what’s next for you? 

Tilman Röder: The campaign built a solid foundation of structure and content for our online shop, which was then relatively quick and easy to implement. Moreover, the crowdfunding campaign has boosted our profile and reach – even though we haven’t been invited to the investment TV show ‘Die Höhle der Löwen’ yet. 

V-Juices are available in our online shop. They’ll also be available on Amazon and other platforms soon. 
We’re going to create and integrate value-added services for the world’s interior-design compatible, thinnest wireless charging station, such as an app for recording working hours when working from home. 

Smartphones have become a digital Swiss Army knife that offers all features in one object, but they’re also all power guzzlers, especially since you can now be online everywhere. To solve the problem of drained smartphones on the go, we’re also going to bring wireless charging to public spaces, especially in places such as restaurants and public transportation stops. V-Juice power to-go – the next big thing after free WiFi.