Verena Horbach and Susanne Funke (from left to right)

“It’s Encouraging” – Crowdfunding Tips from Magic Bavaria

Magic Bavaria wants to create a special adventure museum for Munich. For (partial) funding and especially to get future visitors excited about the idea, the founders Verena Horbach and Susanne Funke launched a Crowdfunding-Kampagne. You can support the project until May 31st. In our interview, the two share their tips on crowdfunding.

Munich Startup: How did you prepare for the campaign with Magic Bavaria and where did you find good support?  

Magic Bavaria: The idea to run a crowdfunding campaign to finance our Magic Bavaria adventure museum came from the team of the Munich’s Business Startup Office. From that point on, we were in regular contact with the crowdfunding consultancy of the city of Munich and also went to the crowdfunding breakfast a few times. The other participants’ experiences were very interesting and helpful. We also visited the crowdfunding festival last year,  where we got to know a lot of interesting startups and listened to interesting lectures. Then we visited the Startnext Academy and received lots of helpful tips on how to successfully implement a campaign. We had originally wanted to run our campaign last summer, but had to postpone the planning several times because the realization of our project was repeatedly delayed for various reasons. 

Munich Startup: How did you benefit from the crowdfunding support from the city of Munich?  

Magic Bavaria: With the crowdfunding support from the city of Munich, we were able to finance part of the costs for our crowdfunding film. Moreover, the team encouraged us time and again to proceed with our project and has been very flexible and cooperative with regard to the postponements of our campaign. 

Munich Startup: What was the most useful tip you received while preparing your campaign?  

Magic Bavaria: There were many … about the video, the communication, the timing, the rewards, the preparation … But there wasn’t just one specific helpful tip. 

Magic Bavaria: “Proud to have received so much positive feedback” 

Munich Startup: What recommendations would you give other founders who are thinking about starting a crowdfunding campaign?  

Magic Bavaria: There are great examples of successful crowdfunding campaigns. We looked around a lot and looked at numerous campaigns. That’s encouraging and reassures you that you, too, can create a successful campaign. 

Munich Startup: What about the campaign makes you particularly proud?  

We put an incredible amount of thought into what timing would be right for our crowdfunding campaign and when we could actually take the leap and do it. 

We’re proud to have received so much positive feedback on the campaign, and that encourages us to make our dream of a fantastic adventure museum for Munich come true! 

Munich Startup: In many crowdfunding campaigns, the focus is not only on financing, but also on market validation or marketing. How is it for you?  

For our big project, crowdfunding is actually only a small, but nevertheless very important financial component. We want to get Munich residents involved in our adventure museum through crowdfunding and let them be a part of it from the very beginning. Ideally, we’ll manage to get one of our larger exhibits, the Upside Down Alpine Cabin, financed by the crowd. Visitors will then have a direct connection to it and know they supported the installation.