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Droov: Rethinking Last-Mile Logistics

The three founders around Droov have developed a new solution to the challenges of last-mile logistics. In our interview, the founders explain how small and medium-sized companies can use it…

Cognibit: Making Autonomous Driving Safer

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Cognibit: Making Autonomous Driving Safer

The Munich startup Cognibit aims to make autonomous driving safer,…

Plug and Play: “Innovation is in our DNA”



Plug and Play: “Innovation is in our DNA”

The open innovation platform and Venture Capital firm Plug and…

Franziska Scheuerle, the founder of Loremo.

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Loremo: Just Three Clicks Away from a Personalized Work of Art

The Munich startup Loremo is a digital platform where B2B…


Mylivn: A Hybrid of Instagram and YouTube

XR Hub

XR Hub Bavaria Opens Up Virtual Worlds and XR Spaces

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