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Women in Tech: Business Angel Conny Marx

After her career in various corporations, Conny Marx founded several companies herself. Now the "Woman in Tech" is also active as a business angel and looking for investments. Her focus is on innovations with impact. An interview.

Munich Startup: What is your career path so far?

Conny Marx: I studied industrial engineering in Munich and went on to have a successful career in strategic partner management at various corporations. My path led me to the position of “Head of” before I made the decision to found my own startup in 2017. Since then, I have been passionately involved in the startup scene, both with my own projects and as a consultant for startups.

Munich Startup: What motivated you to invest in startups?

Conny Marx: Through my own experience, I know how challenging it can be for female founders in particular to obtain investment at the beginning. That’s why I want to provide targeted support. It is important to me to contribute to the promotion of future innovations and I believe that startup investments are an effective means of achieving a real impact.

Conny Marx: Passionately involved in the startup scene

Munich Startup: Which technology or industry do you personally find particularly interesting at the moment?

Conny Marx: I find the medtech sector particularly exciting at the moment. An incredible amount is happening here and new technologies are being implemented in specific applications. I am also interested in ideas that develop solutions to meet the challenges of demographic change. Nevertheless, I am always open to innovations from different areas and like to be inspired by solutions that have a tangible impact.

Munich Startup: In your opinion, what advantages do diverse startup or VC teams bring?

Conny Marx: Diversity always brings in different views and opinions. This leads to teams opening up to different perspectives. This enriches every team and contributes to the success of the startups.

Munich Startup: What are your three favorite work tools?

Conny Marx: Canva, Trello and Google Workspace.

Munich Startup: Your top tip for pitching?

Conny Marx: Keep it as simple as possible so that everyone can understand what it’s about. Stay cool and authentic.

Munich Startup: Does it seem like a good time to start a company? Why?

Conny Marx: I believe that if you have a good idea to solve a specific problem, you should act, regardless of the current “times”. Even if we are in a phase of crisis, this should not be a deterrent. After all, very good ideas and successful startups often emerge from such times.

“Also promote innovations that have a social or societal benefit”

Munich Startup: What do you think could be improved in Munich as a startup location?

Conny Marx: I think that Munich should focus more on promoting innovations that have a social or societal benefit. Alongside all the impressive technical advances, this is an area that I think is extremely important, but unfortunately receives far too little support and investment.

Munich Startup: Which investor would you like to meet in person? And what would you ask him or her?

Conny Marx: Through the Female Investors Network, I have been lucky enough to get to know many inspiring female investors. I always look forward to meeting Katja Ruhnke and Conny Hörl in person. I am interested in what factors they need to feel confident about investing in a startup.

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