Do you want to start a firm and are looking for suitable workspace? Like places to live, that is usually expensive in Munich. For many startups, finding affordable space can thus be quite a challenge. Coworking spaces can sometimes be a good solution. But business centers and startup centers too provide affordable work spaces – as well as ideal working conditions – to new Munich companies.

Munich is a booming startup hub, which makes it tough for startups to find workspace. And just like looking for a place to live, finding the right workspace can be difficult for startups. From a free desk to a single unused office or larger spaces, every startup will find the right place to work with the following overview.

Coworking spaces

Coworking spaces are a good place for the solo self-employed, creatives and startups in their early stages.

The Coworking Guide makes it possible to filter coworking spaces based on different criteria.

The platform ShareDnC, short for “Share Desk and Coffee,” offers sublet workspace. The service is free of charge for renters, and landlords pay a one-off fee that is a percentage of the rent. Twostay offers free workspace on its platform.

Startup centers provide workspace for startups

Business centers

Another good option for startups looking for space are business centers.