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Twostay: “Use Space That Is Incredibly Underused”

The Munich-based Startup Twostay is a platform to find inspiring workspaces for the new generation of moving professionals. The marketplace was founded by Cecilia Chiolerio und Dorothea Haider, who answered our 7 questions.

1. Who are you and what do you do? Please briefly introduce yourselves and your business!

Hi, we are Cecilia (25) and Dorothea (34), we are the founders of Twostay.


Cecilia: I’m Italian, moved to Germany three years ago after working in different startups in Italy, Spain, London and Brazil. I’m passionate about remote working and how companies can benefit from it. Also, I love my flexibility of working wherever I want and the option to grow my business with only my laptop in different communities and locations.

Dorothea: I have grown a business in Chile for three years. And I worked as a startup consultant for the last five years in Munich. I’m passionate about making better use of our cities and the space they have to offer. I like hands-on times instead of “only” giving advice to other people’s projects. I enjoy exploring the customer needs and even enjoy cold calling.

Together we founded Twostay, because we believe the way we work has fundamentally changed. And we don’t need offices to which commute everyday and stick there 9 to 5. Rather our generation needs to spot inspiring venues around the city that we can pick according to our needs.

Twostay: “Use space that is incredibly underused”

With Twostay you can work in hotel lobbies, restaurants, beach bars and art galleries to get stuff done or hold informal meetings. That way, location owners make use of their space that is incredibly underused. And they just pay a small subscription and a booking-fee.

You can work there early in the morning or at midnight, in Munich or in a city you are visiting — we are also available in Berlin, Frankfurt, Ulm, Memmingen and Mallorca, plus many more in the pipeline. Most of the places are free and you get discounts on the consumption. If you need exclusive places like a meeting space, you pay per hour.

2. But that’s nothing out of the box!


Dorothea: True! People are overcoming the struggle to find a place where to work or organize meetings in different ways. Maybe getting a monthly membership in an expensive coworking or dropping into Starbucks. However, Twostay is different. You subscribe once for free, and then have access to a variety of different styles of spaces. Our process is as easy and fast as getting a seat at Starbucks but just more convenient and working friendly.

“We recently started our first financing round – exciting times ahead!”

3. What are the three main ingredients in your recipe for success?

Cecilia: With three ingredients you are not baking a cake, but….

First: We talk to our users all the time. From day 1 we have conducted tons of interviews to constantly better understand what our users need. We still squeeze them out daily when we meet them while working in one of the locations on our platform. — So yes, we eat our own dog food and work from the locations on our platform all the times.

Second: We are not afraid to ask a lot of questions. That has already helped us so much. Especially in understanding the hotel and gastro industry which really is a world on its own.

Dorothea: And third: As a team we are extremely strong, but we work flexible. We plan our next steps together and execute them immediately. Twostay has a setting that allows us to work when each of us finds it more productive and where she feels more inspired. But for celebrating success or in hard times we come together!

4. Now let’s get down to the nitty-gritty: How is business going?

Dorothea: Going well! Our platform is a marketplace so our KPIs are always concerning locations and users. On the former, we have been adding 7 locations in the last 2 weeks and we have 20 more in our pipeline. On the users’ side, we are targeting freelancers, founders and are now targeting big corporates and make our service appealing to teams. Yes, moving towards B2B! Also, we have recently started our first financing round – exciting times ahead!

“The Bavarian dialect opens the heart of Bavarian hotel owners”

5. What does Munich mean to you?

Cecilia: I just don’t believe I could have made this possible in any other place rather than Munich. I love the city, and the startup network here is so high tech oriented and just super inspiring!

Dorothea: I grew up in Munich, so — though I was away for 10 years — I know the city by heart and know where to look for inspiring spaces. It’s just easier to start from your home base than from anywhere else in the world. An here’s a fun fact: Making use of the Bavarian dialect opens the heart of Bavarian hotel owners.

One of the Twostay-locations is Beach38 in Munich.

6. How will your startup become the next unicorn? Or will we be seeing you at an Epic Fail Night soon?

Dorothea: Definetly unicorn! The industry of remote and/or flexible work is undergoing a major disruption that only few people are already aware of — which is good for us. The potential is there for us to become the biggest provider of workspace in the world without having to deal with the facility management of one single square meter!

“We have the potential and the will to scale”

And the coworking movement of today is nothing compared to the potential of what it will be. Plenty of studies and trends show: really soon, working won’t be what it is now! We have the potential and the will to scale and we are right in the right moment.

However, we go everywhere where our users are. So why not to an epic fail night. There have been so many fun fails we could talk about. But that doesn’t mean we’d stop. As long as business is moving we go on. And there are no signs business could stop.

7. Hiking or beer garden?

Cecilia: Hiking, staying overnight in the hut on the top! Get your mind free, think big, create new ideas. Go down and execute them. That’s also how the two of us first met – on a hut in the Bavarian Alps!