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Localstoring: Airbnb for Storage Space

One person has space in their basement, the other doesn’t know where to put their things. That’s the perfect situation…

Twostay: “Use Space That Is Incredibly Underused”

7 Questions


Twostay: “Use Space That Is Incredibly Underused”

The Munich-based Startup Twostay is a platform to find inspiring workspaces for the new generation of moving professionals. The marketplace…

SharedSquare, Daniela Weinhold, Nasti Broda and Julian Nitsche

7 Questions


Shquared: Intermediaries for Space and Concepts

Shquared — short for shared square — wants to launch a platform for the shared, parallel use of space. The…

useley founders



Useley: Preserving resources with a very hands-on mentality

DIY masters want to have their very own power drill and photography buffs  need their proper camera. However, the majority of…

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