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V-Juice Gründer Tilman Röder


‘Activate Your Network” – Crowdfunding Tips from V-Juice

Founder Tilman Röder developed V-Juice, the thinnest wireless charging station in the world. He has won various awards with his…

Magic Bavaria


“It’s Encouraging” – Crowdfunding Tips from Magic Bavaria

Magic Bavaria wants to create a special adventure museum for Munich. For (partial) funding and especially to get future visitors…

Ronald Paul


Investor Ronald Paul: “The Use of AI Alone Is Not An Innovation”

How does a startup become successful? What does a good ecosystem look like? And what trends are founders and investors…



iComplai: More Food Safety With AI

Glass splinters in the product, too many plasticizers, an incorrect use-by date – there are many reasons for food recalls,…


Five Munich Edtech Startups That Are Revolutionizing Learning

The digitalization of learning continues to progress. It’s innovative startups in particular that are driving development – as is demonstrated…

fairafric produktionsteam


Fairafric: A Chocolate Factory with Impact

Fairafric built a solar-powered chocolate factory in Africa and now sells organic chocolate in Europe. And what does that have…



Swey: “We’re Bringing the ‘Gas Station Experience’ to Charging Stations”

For many potential electric car buyers, it’s the charging time that can keep them from actually getting one. Anyone who…

Roundpeg Technologies


Roundpeg Technologies: “Our Robots Recognize People and Don’t Endanger Them”

The Munich startup Roundpeg Technologies develops robots that can recognize people in order to avoid putting them in danger. The…



Munich startups create tens of thousands of jobs

Munich is one of the largest startup hubs in Europe – but what does this mean for the local job…



Teigpiloten delivers fresh baked goods from your favorite regional bakery

While consumers in the cities can have almost anything delivered very quickly, people in the countryside usually have no choice…