Nikbin Rohany

#CoronaUpdate with Shore: “We Seized the Opportunity”

Shore digitizes business for service providers and retailers with their software. The Munich-based company experienced the corona crisis as a booster for digitization and seized the opportunity. Nikbin Rohany, CEO of Shore, tells us more in our #CoronaUpdate.

Shore’s software solution is predominantly meant for microentrepreneurs, such as hairdressers, and enables them to digitize their business.

Shore felt the beginning of the pandemic in March most with regard to new customer acquisition, reports Nikbin Rohany. But the negative impact quickly subsided:

“Fortunately at the end of lockdown, it all took a very positive turn. Even more so than during the first phase of corona, we noticed that the current crisis has ultimately also had a catalyzing effect on the digitization of microenterprises.”

And according to Shore’s CEO, this means that:

“As of today, we’re in a slightly better position and developments are a bit more positive than before corona, which is something we’re obviously very happy about.”

The Munich startup also made the most of the crisis in terms of recruiting, says Rohany. Thanks to corona, he says “there were a lot of really good people in the market”:

“We used the past few months above all to hire new employees, employees who are highly skilled and were looking for new challenges, so we basically seized the opportunity.”

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