Startup Financing: What Investors want

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Startup Financing: What Investors Want

Why can’t my startup find investors? Young companies often have a tough time finding capital. One reason why: According to…

inveox Dominik Sievert

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“We Want to Make Cancer Diagnosis More Reliable” – Video Interview With Inveox Co-Founder Dominik Sievert

Inveox develops digital solutions for pathology labs. The technology from the Munich-based company aims to avoid unnecessary mistakes made in…

Apple’s Plans for a New Office in Munich

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Apple’s Plans for a New Office in Munich

After Google announced their plans to buy the Munich Postpalast last year and create 1,500 new jobs, Apple is now…

Bloomberg Germany is the World’s Most Innovative Country

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Bloomberg: Germany is the World’s Most Innovative Country

The business news agency Bloomberg compares the innovative power of different countries every year. In this edition of the “Bloomberg…

Konux Andreas Kunze

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“We Want Every Train to Arrive on Time” – Video Interview with Konux Founder Andreas Kunze

The Munich startup Konux develops sensors that are used to optimize the maintenance of railway networks. In a video interview…


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AlignaTeam: Match-Making Test for Founding Teams

During the initial phase of a startup, a lot of founders are still wearing their proverbial rose-colored glasses. Disillusionment often…

Retorio founders Christoph Hohenberger, Patrick Oehler and Abdurrahman Namli (from the left)

7 Questions


Retorio: Recruiting with Artificial Intelligence

Retorio analyzes applicant videos to help find the right person among the candidates for an open position. The startup combines…


7 Questions


Gratisbroker: “We Want to Really Shake Up the German Brokerage Market”

Customers can trade securities for free with Gratisbroker. In our Seven Questions, the founders explain how their company still manages…


7 Questions


Beducated: Netflix of Sexual Education

The Munich-based sextech startup Beducated wants to improve the sexual lives of their customers with online courses. The founding couple…


7 Questions


Nethansa: Automation for Amazon Sellers

Nethansa makes life easier for sellers on Amazon with its platform Clipperion. We asked the Munich-based company with Polish roots…

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