Photo: Predium

Predium: ESG Platform for the Real Estate Industry

Predium offers a platform for sustainable real estate management. The aim is for project developers, property managers and housing companies to be able to define ESG targets for real estate, select measures and price in investments. The founders introduce their startup in our interview.

Munich Startup: What does your startup do? What problem are you solving? 

Predium: Predium is an all-in-one platform that brings together various process steps in one place for sustainable real estate management. This makes it easier for property managers, housing companies and project developers in particular to define ESG goals (Environmental, Social, Governance) for real estate, select measures and financially price in investments practically at the push of a button. Previously, these complex process steps had to be carried out individually, which was time consuming. With our product, we make sure real estate doesn’t lose value and doesn’t damage our climate. 

Munich Startup: But that’s nothing out of the box! 

Predium: There are management consultancies that specialize in ESG, but without a focus on the real estate industry. With them, it’s more about industrial processes. In the building sector, only one percent of CO2 emissions come from business processes. 99 percent come from the real estate itself. Which is why a solution with a focus on real estate is needed. Reporting alone is not enough. We focus on linking ESG and profitability. 

“The real estate industry is very much willing to invest in the ESG sector” 

Munich Startup: What’s your founding story? 

Predium: We met at the Center for Digital Technology and Management (CDTM) in Munich and got along well right away. On top of that, Maximilian, Mohamed Ali and I have always wanted to found a company. The fact that we entered the real estate sector with ESG is because we want to do something for climate and environmental protection that really has an impact – for the environment but, of course, also for our customers. This was triggered by the fact that we like to be out in nature. For example, I really enjoy hiking in the mountains. When you hike a lot and see photos of where there used to be big glaciers that have now completely disappeared, the consequences of climate change become obvious very quickly. Maximilian and Mohammed Ali have had very similar experiences along the way. We then looked at different markets and industries and analyzed where we have enough leverage to change something. We found it in the real estate industry. Buildings are responsible for around 37 percent of CO2 emissions worldwide. If we can reach property managers, developers, housing companies and real estate investors with our product and steer them towards sustainability, that would really be a true gain. For the companies themselves and ultimately for all of us. 

Munich Startup: What have been your biggest challenges so far? 

Predium: At first, we thought that getting companies in the real estate industry on board with sustainability would be an uphill battle. At least that’s what we had always been told. But first we talked with a large number of companies ourselves. Our conclusion: The real estate industry is very much willing to invest in the ESG sector. Some see it as an economic advantage, others look more at the increasingly stringent legislation and reporting obligations, while others focus on the topics of heating and sustainable supply. What stays the same is how extremely open they are. That’s why our current challenge doesn’t concern the market, but rather hiring. It’s very important to us to put together a diverse team in which every single member can play their part, both with their professional expertise and with their personal character. We’re highly motivated to pursue our goals, because we can make a contribution to keeping the planet we live on worth living on. 

Predium: “We like to take a certain amount of controlled risk” 

Munich Startup: Where would you like to be in one year, and where in five years? 

Predium: Predium will continue to grow strongly next year. We’ll continue to work with a motivated team on balancing ESG and profitability. In five years, Predium will be the go-to solution for ESG in real estate, one with which companies can manage how they make the most meaningful use of their investment and modernization budget – from an economic and environmental point of view. 

Munich Startup: How have you experienced Munich as a startup location so far? 

Predium: Munich as a city has influenced us a great deal – professionally and privately. We studied at LMU and TU, met at the CDTM and are now located at Werk1. In recent years, we also received major support from Munich founders. And as nature lovers, we also enjoy the proximity to the mountains or a jump into the Eisbach. 

Munich Startup: Risk or security? 

Predium: Security when it comes to our customers, employees, solutions and technologies. Otherwise, we like to take a certain amount of controlled risk if it’s justified from a business standpoint.