#CoronaUpdate with Mecuris: “A Huge Service Backlog Is Piling up Right Now”

Mecuris provides a digital platform that medical supply stores can use to produce individual orthotics and prosthetics for their customers. Manuel Opitz, COO of Mecuris, talks about how his company has adjusted to the corona crisis in our #CoronaUpdate.

Mecuris digitizes the work performed by orthopedic technicians, making it possible for the occupational group to work from home. Based on that, it sounds like the product should be relatively immune to crisis. However, Mecuris is struggling with a severe decline in sales. For example, the launch event for the new digital orthotics workshop had to be canceled due to corona. Manuel Opitz tells us more in our #CoronaUpdate:

“It was really painful”

At least it was possible to hold the press event for the launch of the new workshop online, which he said brought in good feedback from journalists.

Mecuris: “We also see major opportunities over the long term”

Opitz also sees “major opportunities” for his company in the corona situation over the long term:

“A huge service backlog is piling up right now that customers are putting off. Just because only around half of the patients can go to their medical supply stores right now doesn’t mean the other half doesn’t need anything. It’s all going to need to be processed at some point and is going to require efficient and, in our opinion, digital processes – and that’s exactly what we’re here for.”

The complete #CoronaUpdate with Manuel Opitz of Mecuris can be found here:


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