Social Distancing Simulation: #CoronaUpdate with Accurate

Accurate simulates flows of people to make events and movement in buildings safer. Since the corona crisis began, there are no longer any crowds, which means the startup has lost its main focus. Instead, the Munich-based company is now measuring how people can move at a safe distance from one another. In our #CoronaUpdate, Angelika Kneidl and Sophia Simon talk about how Accurate has made it through the corona crisis so far.

Last week was the tenth anniversary of the Love Parade disaster. Due to misrouted visitor flows, 21 people lost their lives and at least 652 people were injured, some severely. With software simulations of crowds of people, Accurate wants to help avoid these kinds of situations from the outset. Operators of event venues, festivals and sports stadiums are just a few of the customers the Munich startup offers it software to.

Accurate: “We thought it would take a long time before there are any big events”

With corona, the main focus of the startup’s work suddenly disappeared: No crowds, no work. Founder and CEO Angelika Kneidl said in our #CoronaUpdate:

“We thought it would take a long time before there are any big events.”

After an “initial state of shock,” as the founder called it, Accurate realized that the distancing rules in the pandemic provided an ideal use case for their software: Instead of simulating crowds of people, Accurate now measures how people can keep their distance from one another in different locations. Crowd simulation has turned into social distancing simulation. Kneidl names new fields of application such as Bundesliga clubs, who could use the software to calculate how many visitors they can allow into a stadium. Accurate is also well suited for calculating train station capacities in the day and age of social distancing. According to Kneidl, the simulation software could also help to safely reopen schools.

Angelika Kneidl and Sophia Simon of Accurate talk about how their startup is doing in our #CoronaUpdate:


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