“We’re Definitely on the Right Track”– #TheWorldAfterCorona With Requestee

Requestee connects ethical hackers with companies to find vulnerabilities in the customers’ IT systems. Co-founder Fabiola Munguia reports from her 'workation' location of Fuerteventura about how her company fared during corona.

Requestee offers companies what are known as penetration tests, or pentests in short. The Munich startup does so by providing hackers who try to find security gaps in companies’ apps and IT systems. The corona pandemic had a direct impact on the demand for the product, as requestee co-founder Fabiola Munguia reports in our #TheWorldAfterCorona video:

“Corona became a very, very important topic for us, particularly because SMEs suddenly had to go remote. That means their mindset completely shifted. They suddenly had to go digital and that also means they needed to have a secure technical infrastructure. So of course pentests became a highly relevant issue.”

The startup itself also had to adjust to corona and expanded its range of products during the crisis, as Munguia explains.

‘Workation’: requestee founder combines work with vacationing

When asked what should remain after corona, the founder mentions remote culture:

“People should definitely have the freedom to decide, for example, if they would like to work from home today or go to the office. The ‘workation’ trend should also definitely stick around.”

At the time the video was recorded, she was working from Fuerteventura:

“I always like it when I can go surfing after work and can also enjoy the beach a bit.”

Munguia sees her own team as more of a winner in the pandemic. Despite the startup having its own ups and downs, requestee was able to complete a pre-seed round during the crisis and acquire its first paying customers. She summarizes:

“We’re definitely on the right track.”

In the full video, Fabiola Munguia, co-founder of requestee, takes a look at #TheWorldAfterCorona:


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