“The Focus Was: How Can We Survive As a Company?” – #TheWorldAfterCorona With Inflight VR

Inflight VR develops virtual reality entertainment for the travel industry. During the corona crisis, the Munich startup fought to survive and had to let a large portion of its employees go. Founder and CEO Moritz Engler talks about how his company has established a new source of income and can now look positively to the future.

Im March 2020, Inflight VR “experienced some very, very drastic cuts,” as Moritz Engler reports in his video for Munich Startup:

“Many of our customers basically jumped ship overnight and were really just focused on keeping their own companies from going under.”

Inflight VR’s turnover saw a sudden strong decline as a result. Before the crisis, the startup had 30 employees in Munich and Barcelona – they now have 12 left. Engler says in retrospect:

“The focus was really to see what was going to happen with the travel industry and how we could survive as a company.”

Inflight VR: New lines of business and an optimistic view of the future

During their struggle to survive, Inflight VR started looking for new lines of business for its technology beyond the travel industry. That was how the company ended up developing a VR showroom for the jewelry industry.

“You might say we took advantage of the crisis and tried to set up our product so it could be used on a much broader scale in the market.”

Another new product is meant directly for consumers: “First Row” makes it possible to visit cultural events, such as plays, in virtual reality.

What has remained from corona for Inflight VR is the focus on different industries instead of just one client base like before the crisis. The company also expects the travel industry to return as their core market. Which is why his company has a very positive view of the future.

In the full video, founder and CEO of Inflight VR Moritz Engler Gunther Rameseder takes a look at #TheWorldAfterCorona:


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