#TheWorldAfterCorona with Bao Solutions: “It’s Slowly Dawning on People that Things Aren’t Going To Be Like They Used To”

Bao Solutions supports companies’ remote sales teams with their software. During the corona pandemic, the Munich startup’s product, which had once required lengthy explanations, was suddenly easy for everyone to understand. Nonetheless, Bao Solutions did struggle during the beginning of the crisis.

In our video series #TheWorldAfterCorona, Munich startups look back at last year and also dare to look ahead to the future: What will remain when corona is over?

Bao Solutions offers software for remote sales – the perfect product for a pandemic. But as founder and CEO Patrick Strunkmann-Meister reports in our video, corona hit the startup hard at first:

“The first wave hit us. At first you think, remote sales – that’s good, but we were right in the middle of a round of financing, were just gaining traction and then suddenly everything came to a halt.”

Bao Solutions: “We see ourselves as potential corona winners”

Despite the crisis, the Munich-based startup stepped up their efforts and were able to reap the fruits of their labor during the second wave. Companies had adjusted to the new situation and remote sales, said Strunkmann-Meister. With the software from Bao Solutions, companies were able to optimize their sales.

As a result, his recap of recent months and his look towards the future are both positive:

“We also see ourselves as potential corona winners, even though we had to suffer a bit, particularly in terms of fundraising and our customers’ budget availability. But it’s a subject that everyone is talking about and now understands, so we no longer have to give long explanations about what we do and why. Now people understand immediately, which is why we have a very positive outlook about being able to benefit from it in the future.”

In our video, Patrick Strunkmann-Meister from Bao Solutions talks about how he envisages #TheWorldAfterCorona:


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