The presentation of the Munich Startup Award 2022: Arno Eggers from Munich Startup, Oskar Gruber and Valentin Plapp from Pixel Robotics together with Munich’s Head of the Department of Labor and Economic Development and head of the Oktoberfest, Clemens Baumgärtner
Photo: Lukas Lindner / Munich Startup

Pixel Robotics Wins Munich Startup Award 2022

The robotic startup Pixel Robotics is the winner of this year’s Munich Startup Award. The award was presented by the head of the Oktoberfest, Clemens Baumgärtner, during the festivities. The Munich Startup Award has been presented since 2016 and has a value of 5,000 euros.

Pixel Robotics prevailed in the pitch competition at Bits & Pretzels as the most successful Munich startup against around 20 other startups from the state capital and received the Munich Startup Award 2022 with a value of 5,000 euros. 

Pixel Robotics builds intelligent, perception-controlled robots that are designed for intralogistics. With the help of an AI vision infrastructure, a digital twin of a company’s operating area is created. Based on this real-time twin, the Munich startup’s robots can work autonomously with their human colleagues. The company was founded in 2020 by Johannes and Valentin Plapp. The founders have bootstrapped the company so far, but are now looking for investors. 

Award ceremony at the Oktoberfest 

As in previous years, the Munich Startup Award ceremony was held at the Oktoberfest, where the Bits & Pretzels founder festival traditionally ends with all of the participants meeting up to network. On the stage of the Schottenhamel tent, Munich’s Head of the Department of Labor and Economic Development and head of the Oktoberfest Clemens Baumgärtner paid tribute to this year’s winning team and said: 

“One of the most important factors for the success of innovative startups is the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences in strong networks. In addition to excellent location factors, Munich offers excellent conditions for young companies to get started and grow with its strong startup ecosystem.” 

Award ceremony at the Munich Oktoberfest (from left to right): Arno Eggers from Munich Startup, Valentin Plapp and Oskar Gruber from Pixel Robotics, Munich’s Head of the Department of Labor and Economic Development Clemens Baumgärtner and Christian Sommer from Munich Startup (Photo: Lukas Lindner / Munich Startup) 

In addition to the award, Pixel Robotics received prize money amounting to 5,000 euros, which is sponsored by Munich Startup. The presentation of the Munich Startup Award is meant to additionally highlight the innovative strength of Munich’s startups. 

“The prize money will be invested in the team” 

Oskar Gruber from Pixel Robotics was delighted to receive the Munich Startup Award: 

“Bits & Pretzels and the pitch competition on their own were an unforgettable experience. And now that we’ve won the Munich Startup Award, we’re even more delighted. We’re going to invest part of the prize money in the team, because we were predominantly focused on product development during the last two years so we could get it to customers – now it’s time for us to celebrate that achievement. And part of the money – we are a startup, after all – will go right back into the product.” 

And what does Pixel Robotics have planned next? 

“We’ve invested a lot of energy in the product and in our customers’ ‘go lives’. We have a finished product now that we can roll out in the market. Next we’re going to concentrate on acquiring more customers so our robots can be used in even more warehouses.” 

The Munich Startup Award has been presented at Bits & Pretzels since 2016. Previous winners include the Munich-based startups Inveox, Catchys and Cleverciti