Join the Club – What’s New at Cook and Code



Join the Club – What’s New at Cook and Code

Learn (about) HTML, JavaScript or Python in 90 minutes – those who wanted more than just the crash courses offered…

Delia Fischer Westwing



“Being Underestimated Every Once in a While Can Indeed Be an Advantage” — an Interview with Delia Fischer

Westwing — A happy place for interior design enthusiasts. Since 2011, founder Delia Fischer — alongside her co-founders Stefan Smalla, Tim…

Zarah Bruhn Social-Bee



“Initiate. Rethink. Do it. Nothing is Impossible.” — An Interview with Zarah Bruhn from Social-Bee

Find a subject you’re passionate about — and just get started. That’s the attitude that Zarah Bruhn and Maximilian Felsner…

Katharina Kreitz Vectoflow



“As a Woman in Tech, You Have to Accomplish More Than Men” — an Interview with Katharina Kreitz from Vectoflow

“Hardware is so out” — that’s an opinion Katharina Kreitz hears quite often. But her success proves otherwise. Business is going…

Qolware Team

Startup Stories


Qolware: Smartwatches for More Flexibility in Emergency Medical Care

Everyone is talking about digitalization – but if an older individual needs rapid (medical) care at home, they are expected…


Startup Stories


“We’re in Serious Negotiations with some Breweries” – An Update from vendl

No matter where the Munich startup vendl makes an appearance and pitches its idea, it always receives widespread approval. It’s…

Tripcar Team

Startup Stories


TripCar – The Airbnb for Cars

The original concept for Airbnb is pretty well known by now: a person rents out their own home over the…

Peter Schwarzenbauer



Autonomous, Electric & Fully Connected – BMW Board Member Peter Schwarzenbauer on the Future of Mobility

Peter Schwarzenbauer, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, MINI, Rolls-Royce, BMW Motorrad, Customer Engagement and Digital Business…

Vectoflow Team

Startup Stories


Vectoflow: The Hottest Probes on the Planet

The hottest probes on the planet are from Munich! The Munich-based startup Vectoflow is making quite a stir in the…




“Establishing a Startup is like Running a Decathlon.” – A talk with HYVE

As the innovation company, HYVE has maintained a cross-industry network for more than 15 years that includes the majority of…