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Inveox Wins the 2018 Munich Startup Award

Inveox has won the 2018 Munich Startup Award and gets to enjoy the prize of 5,000 euros. The accompanying trophy was presented by Mayor Josef Schmid on Tuesday as part of the Bits & Pretzels festival on the stage of the Schottenhamel Tent at the Oktoberfest. Inveox triumphed over several other young, Munich-based companies such as Loewi and UrmO at the founders festival during the pitch competition.

Mayor Josef Schmid first started off the third day of the founders festival with the Bits & Pretzels hosts Bernd Storm, Felix Haas and Andreas Bruckschlögl. It has become a tradition to end the festival with a networking event in the Schottenhamel Tent at the Oktoberfest. Schmid then announced the Inveox founders as the winners of the Munich Startup Award. His comments about the award:

“This prize acknowledges the courage, innovative strength and passion shown by Munich founders and expresses appreciation for the invaluable stimuli they give our economy.”

This year’s winners were thrilled about their success:

“It’s an incredible honor! We are delighted with the recognition, and especially with the fact that we have been able to turn so much attention to an essential issue: Healthcare,”

said Inveox founder Maria Driesel.

As bearers of the Munich Startup Award, Inveox will be following in some impressive footsteps. In recent years — the prize has now been awarded for the third time — two high-caliber players in the Munich startup scene, namely Cleverciti Systems and Catchys, were able to call the award their own.

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