Munich Startups You Can Find in Stores

Here are some startups that are literally within reach since they are available on supermarket shelves – we’ve put together six young, Munich-based companies for you whose products you can easily buy and try.

With its ‘most sustainable vegan meat in the world,’ Greenforce wants to give people an alternative source of protein – and make it simple as possible. Their products, such as vegan sausages, nuggets or meat spread, are sold as easy mix powders. Adding water and oil turns the powders into a substance similar to meat, fish or other alternative products. All of the products are 100 percent vegan and manufactured in Germany. With their approach, Greenforce has even gotten major players on board, such as the animal rights organization PETA, which honored the Munich-based food startup in 2021 with the Green Product Award and the Vegan Food Award. The Greenforce products are available in supermarkets such as Rewe, Edeka and Müller. (Photo: Greenforce)