Munich Startups You Can Find in Stores

Here are some startups that are literally within reach since they are available on supermarket shelves – we’ve put together six young, Munich-based companies for you whose products you can easily buy and try.

Microgreens – seedlings of vegetables and herbs – are what Mingagreens wants to put on their customers’ plates. The seedlings are packed with vital nutrients and are sown and cultivated using certified organic seeds in an indoor farm in Munich. Mingagreen was founded in 2021 by Gernot Kleinberger, Florian Göttl and Thomas Heller-Regenbogen, who are doing more than just selling healthy seedlings with their microgreens, they also want to solve a culinary delight problem. The Mingagreens products can be found primarily in organic supermarkets, such as Basic and Vollcorner. (Photo: Mingagreens)