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What You Need to Know About Settling in Bavaria

An article by Invest in Bavaria

The #bytevaria talk will be held for the third time and once again, we will provide you with exciting and personal insights into the world of settling in Bavaria.

Surrounded by the rustic and welcoming setting of our alpine cabin located in the heart of Bavaria, we invite representatives of the Bavarian economy to join us two to four times a year to discuss in detail questions such as: Where is the state ahead of the competition? How can you benefit from basing your company in Bavaria? Which advantages can investors benefit from? What are the growth opportunities for upcoming startups?


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We would like to introduce you to different projects, present initiatives, highlight the potential and innovative strength of certain sectors as well as technological developments and also demonstrate how the economy can benefit from Bavaria’s digitization offensive.

We talked about this with Dr. Franz Glatz in the first episode, head of the Munich-based incubators WERK1 and Gate Garching, who provided us with valuable insights into how Bavarian technology centres and business incubators work and what the resulting opportunities for start-ups are. The second episode also includes a number of top-class guests: Together with Dr. Carlos Härtel, CEO of GE in Germany and Austria, we talked about Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things. We addressed the question of which challenges and opportunities the ongoing digitization holds for companies, especially in Bavaria.

Ideal conditions for FinTech startups in Bavaria

For our third episode, we were also lucky to host another industry expert. In a way, we can today bring together the aspects of the last two episodes, as this third episode will be about FinTech start-ups that are currently changing the shape of the financial sector and are bridging the gap between start-ups and digitization. They make the most of the opportunities resulting from the constantly ongoing digitization and look for creative approaches that make financial transactions easier, faster and safer.

One of the representatives of this upcoming scene is Erik Podzuweit, founder and Co-CEO of Scalable Capital, a start-up which has been on the market since 2014 and has successfully completed several financing rounds. In his interview with Dr. Wolfgang Hübschle, he provides insights into the financial sector, which he got to know from a big player perspective while he was working for Goldman Sachs. Watch the video and learn first hand about the exciting developments in the FinTech field and how traditional banks react to the young entrepreneurs’ offensive. Of course, we seized the opportunity to ask Erik Podzuweit about his experiences as a founder and wanted to know what advice he would give start-ups, and why Scalable Capital decided to choose Munich as the location for its headquarters. The answer to this and many more questions can be found in the third episode of our video format #bytevaria talk.