Bloomberg Germany is the World’s Most Innovative Country

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Bloomberg: Germany is the World’s Most Innovative Country

The business news agency Bloomberg compares the innovative power of different countries every year. In this edition of the “Bloomberg…

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Munich Provides the Highest Quality of Living in Germany

As in previous years, Munich is once again the city that provides the highest quality of living in Germany in…


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Munich offers best quality of life and career opportunities in Germany

Two current studies examine the best places to live and work. Munich takes the number one spot in Germany in…


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Munich is Germany’s leading center for innovation

Study finds 496 particularly innovative companies in Germany. Munich is home to more innovators than any other city. Bavaria is…

Startup study Munich

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Startup Study Investigates Munich — Take Part!

The Global Startup Ecosystem Report takes a look at startup hubs around the world, and Munich is included for the…

Future prospects study

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Germany’s Best Prospects are in Munich

Munich is doing well — and will continue doing so according to a recent study. The Bavarian capital is once…


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Startup Study Deems Munich a Prime Location

A few weeks ago, PwC published a study on German startups. The consulting company has now presented the results from…