Photo Andreas Heddergott - City of Munich

Startup Study Investigates Munich — Take Part!

The Global Startup Ecosystem Report takes a look at startup hubs around the world, and Munich is included for the first time in 2018! The Munich ecosystem needs as many startups, founders and entrepreneurs as possible to participate in the study. Take part and put Munich on the international startup map!

The Munich startup scene is booming — yet its success is often not recognized fully outside of Germany or Europe. The “Global Startup Ecosystem Report” by Startup Genome is an opportunity to change that, since the renowned study is read by founders and investors around the world.

Participate in the global startup report right now — it only takes 10-15 minutes!

Your participation in the Global Startup Ecosystem Report will increase recognition of the Munich startup scene on a global level and attract more investors and founders to the region. The data will also reveal weaknesses in our scene, which helps us to improve.

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