Photo: Andreas Heddergott - LH München

Munich Provides the Highest Quality of Living in Germany

As in previous years, Munich is once again the city that provides the highest quality of living in Germany in 2019. On a global level, Munich came in third among the best cities to live in.

Only Vienna and Zurich were able to beat Munich in the ranking by the consulting firm Mercer. Auckland and Vancouver were tied with Bavaria’s capital city. In last place among the 231 major cities was, as in previous years, Bagdad. Large European cities dominate the global ranking: Eight can be found in the Top Ten and a whopping sixteen in the Top 25.

Three German cities among the world’s top ten most liveable cities

Munich is not only one of the world’s top cities with the highest quality of living, but is also Germany’s most liveable city according to Mercer. With Düsseldorf coming in sixth place and Frankfurt am Main in seventh, two more German contestants made it into the global Top Ten. Berlin took 13th place, Hamburg 19th, Nuremberg took 23rd globally, Stuttgart came in 27th and Leipzig came in 60th.

The study authors analyzed a total of 39 factors. The focus was on aspects of key importance to employees sent abroad. Grouped into ten categories, the factors cover social, political, economic and environmental aspects. Criteria such as health, education, transportation and other public services were also considered.

The study paid special attention to personal safety. German cities performed comparatively well. The crime rates are low, law enforcement is efficient and social and political conditions are stable. Ulrike Hellenkamp from Mercer said:

“Munich also offers an exceptional array of international schools, good urban infrastructure and a wide variety of recreational activities — an aspect that is particularly attractive to younger ex-pats.”

Learn more about the study here.