Startup Stories

Aampere: Online store for used e-cars

Aampere sells e-cars from private individuals to dealers via its platform. The company was founded in 2022 by Florian Reister,…

Arthur Bus


Arthur Bus: Emission-free local transportation

Arthur Bus wants to set new standards in the field of alternative drive systems with its modern hydrogen buses. Founder…

STM Cars


STM Cars: Electric Cars on Your Doorstep

Car sharing, but make it Tesla – that’s how you could describe STM Cars in a nutshell. In our interview,…

Deepdrive Gründerteam


Deepdrive Update: “We’re Working with Eight of the Ten Biggest Car Manufacturers in the World”

At the IAA 2021, the startup Deepdrive presented its plug-and-play platform on which companies can build their own electric cars.…


Deepdrive: Electric Car Revolution with Wheel Hub Motors

The trend towards electromobility is bringing many new developers to the market who are offering their own electric cars. The…

IAA Mobility

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IAA Mobility 2021: The Future of Mobility, Up Close and Personal

From September 7 to 12, the IAA Mobility Conference will be held in Munich for the first time – and…



E-Mobilio Is Taking Over the Electromobility Market

E-mobilio wants to make the market for electromobility less complex. The startup has developed a digital platform for just that,…

Black Tea Motorbikes


“Honest Feedback From the Community” – Crowdfunding Tips From Black Tea Motorbikes

Lightweight electric bikes are a good alternative to electric cars for stress-free individual mobility, in cities in particular. But that…

Einfach E-Auto


Einfach E-Auto: Clear Answers About Buying an Electric Car

The startup ‘Einfach E-Auto’ wants to make the transition to electric cars easier with its platform. We talked about motivation…

Cognibit Teamfoto


Cognibit: Making Autonomous Driving Safer

The Munich startup Cognibit aims to make autonomous driving safer, which is why the founding team has developed software that…