© Photo: Surfinlock

“Be aware that a campaign is a full-time job” – Crowdfunding tips from Surfinlock

Florian Lohmann from Surfinseason has launched Surfinlock, an anti-theft device for surfboards. He successfully raised his first financing via crowdfunding. He reveals his tips in an interview.

Munich Startup: How did you prepare for the Surfinlock campaign and where did you find good support? 

Florian Lohmann, Surfinlock: I came across the crowdfunding breakfast via the Crowdfunding page of the city of Munich. This was very helpful for making contacts and sharing experiences. In addition, I was able to draw on the advice of friends who had already run a successful crowdfunding campaign. 

Munich Startup: What was the most useful tip you received while preparing your campaign? 

Florian Lohmann: Plan well in advance, plan more time than you think and be aware that a crowdfunding campaign is a full-time job. If you’re not ready on your planned launch date, it’s better to postpone the campaign. No one will remember that later, but they will remember the campaign.   

Munich Startup: What was the biggest challenge during the campaign? 

Florian Lohmann: My surfboard lock is a niche product and no one is searching for it directly on Kickstarter. So the biggest challenge was how to make surfers aware of my Surfinlock campaign and guide them to the crowdfunding platform. 

Surfinlock: A successful niche product  

Munich Startup: How did you benefit from the crowdfunding support from the City of Munich? 

Florian Lohmann: For Kickstarter campaigns, the standards for video, design and content are now very high. Especially as a lone fighter, you can’t produce everything yourself. Thanks to the support of the city, I was able to afford important support for the production of image and video material.  

Munich Startup: What about the campaign makes you particularly proud? 

Florian Lohmann: The campaign was funded with more than 250 percent of the original goal and was therefore a successful market test for my surfboard anti-theft device. I’m proud of that. Especially because I was aware from the beginning that a crowdfunding campaign is a big challenge and statistically only one in five campaigns achieves its goal.  

Munich Startup: What lasting impact has come from the campaign? And what’s next for you? 

Florian Lohmann: I was able to launch the surfboard lock on the market, have my own web shop, but I am also in contact with several surf shops and already selling through some of them. I have just sent a large package to my first shop in Portugal. In addition, I have been able to expand my product range and have recently even started offering anti-theft devices for SUPs, foil boards and windsurfing boards. So, feel free to check out my new Surfinlock page