#TheWorldAfterCorona with Celonis: “Companies Are Being Forced to Digitize Their Processes”

Celonis automates company processes and detects those that are inefficient. Gunther Rameseder, Senior Vice President Solution Engineering at Celonis, reports about how the Munich unicorn had to rearrange its own processes as well as what the pandemic means for his company and the world after corona.

The corona pandemic disrupted the supply chains of many Celonis customers and has caused cash flow problems for some, shares Gunther Rameseder in the video. His company responded quickly and launched its “Covid Customer Care” program shortly after corona broke out. The aim: to support customers in dealing with the problems that arose due to the pandemic.

As Rameseder reports in #TheWorldAfterCorona, even Celonis had issues at the beginning of the pandemic, particularly with onboarding new employees – which is not much of a surprise for such a rapidly growing company. Setting up the software for clients also changed because of corona: on-site workshops had to be held virtually.

#TheWorldAfterCorona: “Celonis will come out of the corona crisis as a winner”

Nevertheless, Gunther Rameseder has a positive view of the future:

“I think that over the long term, corona will have a positive impact on digital transformation in Germany, because many companies are literally being forced to digitize their business models and processes, and have to do so within a very short period of time.”

According to Rameseder, companies will need an execution management system for this digital transformation:

“So I would definitely say that Celonis will come out of the corona crisis as a winner.”

In the full video, Gunther Rameseder, Senior Vice President Solution Engineering of Celonis, looks at #TheWorldAfterCorona:


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