Google Maps for Indoors — Video Interview with Navvis Co-founder Felix Reinshagen

Navvis measures and digitizes interior spaces with their specially developed trolley. We spoke with CEO and co-founder Felix Reinshagen.

In a nutshell, you could call the Munich startup Navvis the “Google Maps for indoors”: The internet giant from Mountain View has surveyed the entire world and made it digitally accessible. Any place in the world can be discovered virtually in a matter of seconds: Where can I find a supermarket, a subway station or an ATM?

What Google hasn’t been able to capture yet are buildings. That shortcoming is something we always notice when entering a large building. Just like 100 years ago, we have to use signs or room numbers to find the right place. Navvis aims to change that and has been extremely successful in doing so. The Munich-based company obtained 35.5 million dollars in investments in late 2018.

Felix Reinshagen: “We were in the right place at the right time”

In his video interview with Munich Startup, Felix Reinshagen lets us in on the secret of Navvis’ success. He also explains how he feels about Munich — and where he sees room for improvement. This much we can tell you: The co-founder and CEO feels the right timing played a major role in Navvis’ success.

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