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Crafty: Find Reliable Handymen, Stress-free

Anyone who needs a handyman unfortunately often also needs to have nerves of steel. The Munich startup Crafty has made it their mission to make the process less stressful and as enjoyable as possible by providing its customers their services when looking for a handyman. 

This is how it works: The customer calls a toll-free hotline (0800/42 42 42 7) or registers their request by e-mail. A technical coordinator then conducts a one-on-one, on-site consultation with the aim of developing the best and most sustainable solution for restoration, renovation or beautification. The coordinator then compiles a management plan, complete with a cost estimate, and organizes the implementation of the job order as soon as it is approved.

Crafty wants to provide competent, one-stop support

The Crafty employee then monitors the work that follows and makes sure the promised quality is delivered. The process is completed by inspection and approval together with the customer. The technical coordinator remains their point of contact in case the need arises later on. The coordinator also asks the customer for a review, which is meant to continuously improve their own work and to also provide orientation for interested parties. In short: Crafty wants to provide competent, one-stop support.

Craftsmanship, sustainability and DIY

The young Munich startup is backed by two experienced founders: As she pointed out, Christiane Wolff gathered expertise about how startups can successfully tap into or enter a market during her agency work at Serviceplan as Chief Corporate Communications Officer and a member of its management. Her aim is to now incorporate this knowledge into her new project: Crafty. Christiane Wolff defines her goals quite clearly:

“As a convinced and convincing networker, my goal is to not only make Crafty the best handyman service in Europe, but to also make it a community for craftsmanship, sustainability and DIY. For me, the company unites all of the values that are important to me: networking, quality and sustainability.”

It was co-founder Jens Zabel who came up with the idea for Crafty. He is a master craftsman in many trades himself, including electronics, air conditioning, heating and ventilation as well as cleaning. As he mentioned, that was what initially gave rise to his passion for craftsmanship and its versatility. He sees enormous potential in Crafty:

“For me, being able to offer and obtain contemporary craftsmanship services is the business model of the future. That also definitely includes the topic of training and regular in-service training and further education for our employees.”

Reaching their goal with experience and expertise

Neither of the founders see any competition in the segment. Their recipe for success is: diversity, experience and energy! The company is still very new to the market, but as they said, it already has its first happy customers to report. In terms of how they view the future, Jens Zabel and Christiane Wolff also see things positively. And that’s also due to their experience and expertise:

“We want to make our customers and our employees happy! And we’re certain we’ll be able to do that — and that is also thanks to our expertise: Jens became self-employed in 1988 as a facility manager and started out with small customers in the neighborhood. Less than ten years after founding his company, his clientele included leading companies such as Karstadt, Ikea and Mercedes. Between 2005 and 2007, the Zabel Group expanded through acquisitions and by founding and integrating startups. The company has been active throughout Germany since. We quite clearly see Crafty on a path that is just as successful.”

Both view Bavaria’s capital city as both a benchmark and springboard:

“We love Munich and want to use this amazing city as the blueprint for the Crafty concept. If you make it here — you make it everywhere! And of course, our network here is the biggest — as is the need to find a good handyman!”