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“As a Woman in Tech, You Have to Accomplish More Than Men” — an Interview with Katharina Kreitz from Vectoflow

“Hardware is so out” — that’s an opinion Katharina Kreitz hears quite often. But her success proves otherwise. Business is going well at Vectoflow, the startup she founded together with Christian Haigermoser and Florian Wehner in 2015. And that was right after completing her studies in aerospace engineering at the Technical University of Munich. In a short interview, she let us in on why that point in time felt right to her for founding a company and whether she feels being a female founder is an advantage or disadvantage.

What motivated you to found a company?

I simply wanted to offer a better solution than what was available on the market back then.

Did you have role models when starting the company?

Dad — he has his own company, too.

When and where do you have your best ideas?

With my team, outside.

Your biggest talent?


The biggest mistake you’ve ever made?

Thinking I can do everything on my own.

Your secret networking weapon?

Approach people openly and constantly put yourself in new situations, even if it’s uncomfortable in the beginning.

Do you think now is a good time to start a company? If yes, why?

I don’t know, but for me it was good to start a company right after graduating because I didn’t have any obligations like children or an expensive apartment.

“As a woman, you have to accomplish more in the technical field”

Is there a prejudice you have encountered frequently in everyday startup life?

Hardware is so “out.”

What’s on top of your desk at the moment?

3D printed probes.

What makes you happy?

At work: seeing that my customers are able to generate added value for themselves with our products.

When off duty: skiing.

Is being a female founder an advantage or disadvantage for you?

It’s definitely easier to get attention, but as a woman in the technical field, you always have to accomplish more than men to be considered equal.