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More Than a Standard Program – a Talk with… TechFounders!

ProGlove, Konux, Tacterion — three well-known names from the Munich startup scene that have one thing in common: all three successfully participated in the TechFounders accelerator program. We asked to find out more about the details of the program and the best way to contact the tech accelerator!

Please tell us about yourselves!

TechFounders is an accelerator program and an initiative by UnternehmerTUM. The twenty-week program focuses on technology startups in sectors such as automotive, mobility, automation and robotics, electronics, cleantech, technology education and industrial IoT. Two classes are held annually that are guided by a group of more than 200 mentors. That group includes serial entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, business angels and experts from companies such as Miele, BMW and Bosch. The good contact with industry experts helps to initiate strategic cooperation. In addition, the startups also receive 25,000 euros to advance their projects. One unique aspect is that startups do not have to hand over corporate shares for all of these services.

“A standard program would not be able to satisfy the different needs of each startup.”

What do you focus on when working with startups?

On the individuality of each startup. We respond to each startup’s current situation. At TechFounders, we have teams from abroad with international experience that want to enter the German market, as well as young student teams that are taking their first steps in the startup world. A standard program would not be able to satisfy the different needs of each startup. That is why the program begins with an intense assessment center to first identify what is needed. Then the startups are guided by an experienced entrepreneur for 20 weeks.

“To be successful, a startup needs to…”

… understand its market and deliver customer value. If you are also excellent at implementation and have a strong leadership team, not much will be able to stop you.

What is the biggest mistake a startup can make?

To only concentrate on the product.

The trend of the year is…!

The Bitcoin’s increase in value.

Early-stage startups meet up with giants

What makes the Munich startup scene so special? What is missing?

The startup scene in Munich is distinguished by its technological foundation and close ties with the industrial sector. It is great to see that we have promising early-stage startups like ProGlove and Konux alongside tech giants like Google, IBM and BMW in Munich. We should continue to develop this ecosystem.

Last but not least: whom should startups contact if they would like to meet up with you?

Startups participate in a standard application process. For the two batches each year, there is a set time period during which the startups can submit their business ideas. After successful application, we examine all of the submissions and then contact the startups. Startups can find the precise time periods on our website.

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