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Testifi: “Our Goal is to become a Munich Unicorn”

The Munich-based startup Testifi wants to become the new standard in software testing. Founded in 2017 the SaaS Startup is…

“Sales Is a Science” – How Stefan Bader of Shore Works



“Sales Is a Science” – How Stefan Bader of Shore Works

In our series ‘How They Work,’ startup founders and employees of Munich startups talk about their favorite tools, routines and…

Innosabi Team

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Innosabi Update: “One Stop Shop” for Innovation

The Munich startup Innosabi started a good nine years ago to introduce crowdinnovation to companies. Starting with consulting services and…

Messengerpeople: “Major Potential for Communication Through Messenger Apps”

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Messengerpeople: “Major Potential for Communication Through Messenger Apps”

The Munich startup Messengerpeople offers an SaaS product for messenger communication. In concrete terms, that means: When companies decide to…


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Blitzminds: B2B Software for Showcasing Innovations

The Munich startup Blitzminds has created a software solution that companies can use to find out when, where how and…


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KiwiHR: HR Software Instead of Green Fruit

The Munich startup KiwiHR has stepped up to create a software that is genuinely easy for human resource management. The…

Noyanum - Delicious Data

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Delicious Data: Smart Algorithms To Minimize Food Waste

The Munich startup Delicious Data (formerly Noyanum) wants to fight food waste with machine learning and algorithms. The company based…


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Crewmeister: Time Tracking Made Easy

The Munich software startup Crewmeister aims to win over other companies with super easy digital HR processes. Founded in 2015,…

Alasco Team

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A Boost for the Construction Industry: Alasco Is Creating Affordable Housing

Alasco wants to create better and more affordable housing. It’s pretty obvious that the founders Anselm Bauer, Sebastian Schuon and…

Angelika Kneidl



A Founder’s Secret Weapons: A Good Attitude, Inquisitiveness and Open-Mindedness – an Interview with Angelika Kneidl from accu:rate

Angelika Kneidl is a founder of accu:rate GmbH. Founded together with Florian Sesser in 2016 in Munich, the startup for…