Kumovis: First 3D Printer for Manufacturing with Clean Room Integration

Last year, the Munich high-tech startup Kumovis not only won the Munich Business Plan Competition from Baystartup, but also landed…


7 Questions


All3DP and Craftcloud: A Content and Commerce Hybrid in 3D Printing

Craftcloud and All3DP are two names that anyone involved in 3D printing should take note of. It’s exactly this market…

The 3D Printing Investor – A talk with… AM Ventures



The 3D Printing Investor – A talk with… AM Ventures

AM Ventures Holding GmbH has been an investor in the field of industrial 3D printing since mid-2015. The company has…




Airbus Subsidiary with a Startup Feel: A talk with… APWorks

Since its founding in 2013, the Airbus spin-off APWorks has been located on the Ludwig Bölkow Campus in Ottobrunn. The…

voxeljet Team

Success Story


voxeljet – From university to the NYSE

It all started in Munich… voxeljet AG has its roots in the Technische Universität München (TUM). In 1995, three doctoral…

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