Print2Taste Turns 3D Printing into Something Delicious

The startup Print2Taste from Freising near Munich has developed a 3D chocolate printer that home bakers can use to create impressive delicacies from chocolate. CEO Gerd Funk answers our Seven Questions.

Munich Startup: Who are you and what do you do? Please introduce yourselves!

Gerd Funk, Print2Taste: The brand Mycusini is backed by a diverse team of graduates and experienced career changers from the fields of food technology, mechanical engineering and bioinformatics. Some even have completed training as professional chefs. Print2Taste was created as a spin-off from the Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences. The 3D chocolate printer Mycusini is delighting home bakers around the world.

Print2Taste delivers the first 3D chocolate printer to home kitchens

Munich Startup: What problem does your startup solve?

Gerd Funk, Print2Taste: With Mycusini, home bakers can use chocolate to make their own creative and personalized decorative objects for all kinds of cakes, lettering or even sophisticated, hollow shapes for truffles. Our customers are particularly pleased by the precision of the chocolate objects and how thin the constructions are. And the Mycusini isn’t any bigger than your common coffee maker. Our recommendation: and on Facebook/Instagram #mycusini.

Munich Startup: But that’s nothing out of the box!

Gerd Funk, Print2Taste: I beg to differ. With Mycusini, we’ve put the first 3D chocolate printer for home kitchens on the market and also positioned it at an attractive price of 348 euros. This product offer is unique in the world.

Prit2Taste Mycuisini

Munich Startup: Was there a point when you nearly failed?

Gerd Funk, Print2Taste: Of course we repeatedly reach our technological and financial limits. Then we sit down together and work out a clever idea. By the second or third attempt at the latest, we’ve always managed to achieve what we set out to do. Our secret recipe is ‘creativity with a healthy portion of perseverance.’

“We’re so incredibly sold out right now”

Munich Startup: How is business going?

Gerd Funk, Print2Taste: We’re currently fighting bottlenecks on the supply chain front to solve a problem that’s actually a luxury. We’re so incredibly sold out right now – Mycusini is selling like hotcakes. By the end of the year, we want to have sold 1,000 Mycusinis – we might even manage to exceed that target. Our orders are international, which means sending a Mycusini to Singapore or Hong Kong doesn’t unsettle us and is part of daily business. But it’s cool, of course!

Munich Startup: What do you think about Munich as a startup location?

Gerd Funk, Print2Taste: In Freising, we’re already in the Munich area. That means we need 12 minutes to get to the airport, and because we have a large proportion of exports and are constantly sending and receiving air freight, our location is a huge advantage for daily business. That being said, the rent takes a chunk out of startup wages and there’s also competition in the area to hire talent, such as software developers. But that’s compensated for by the high quality of recreation. So that’s some luxurious lamenting from us.

Munich Startup: Home cooking or take out?

Gerd Funk, Print2Taste: With two trained chefs on the team, some very tasty treats are served at our celebrations. Everybody helps out. In ‘normal’ circumstances, we meet up every day to have lunch together that we cook ourselves. It’s a great get-together that we really miss right now. And of course – we also have pizza delivered every now and then.