ArtMasters founders Oliver Breiter (right) and Alexander Eloe

ArtMasters: Success Through Creativity, Ambition and Humor

The Munich startup ArtMasters is a platform for creative events. Founded in 2016 by Oliver Breiter and Alexander Eloe, ArtMasters uses features like YouTube tutorials to help individuals who would otherwise not have much to do with painting learn how to create their very own masterpiece. Professional artists help them through the process, step by step. We wanted to learn more and asked founder Oliver Breiter our Seven Questions.

Munich Startup: Who are you and what do you do?

Oliver Breiter, ArtMasters: We’re Alex (40) and Oliver (43) from ArtMasters in Munich. In terms of professional education, we’re both industrial engineers and met while working for Adidas in Herzogenaurach in 2006. We kept in contact after that and knew before long that we would meet again to go into business for ourselves.

ArtMasters is a platform for creativity events at bars and restaurants, for creative YouTube tutorials and art supplies. Our core business focuses on painting on canvas and/or jute bags. At our events, participants take their very own masterpieces home with them at the end of the evening — and do so without any prior knowledge and by following instructions from an artist. 

We’ve also been organizing a growing number of exclusive events in the field of corporate and private celebrations, run our own YouTube channel and sell art supplies.

The ArtMasters team with their own pieces of art.

ArtMasters: A platform for creative events

Munich Startup: But that’s nothing out of the box!

Oliver Breiter: Well, it’s out of the box now and has been since we founded it more than three years ago in Germany in 2016.

Munich Startup: What are the three main ingredients in your recipe for success?

Creativity — sorry, I had to say that — ambition and lots of humor.

Munich Startup: Now let’s get down to the nitty-gritty: How is business going?

We currently organize about 200 events each month — across Germany and also in Hungary. And that number is growing quickly.

“A very lively startup scene”

Munich Startup: What does Munich mean to you?

Oliver Breiter: That depends on which of us you ask: For me, Nuremberg is and will always be the most beautiful city in the world. But now that I’m in Munich on a regular basis, I have to admit that the beer garden culture in Munich is not half bad.

Kidding aside: We both agree that Munich has a lot to offer as a location, especially with its now very lively startup scene. A lot has happened over the last few years. To be more specific, our office in Werk1 and the network there has really helped us in so many areas. Because we both like to spend time in the mountains, that’s also a personal locational advantage.

Unicorns included in the creative portfolio

Munich Startup: How will your startup become the next unicorn? Or will we be seeing you at an Epic Fail Night soon?

Oliver Breiter: We already have unicorns in our creative portfolio, so that means you can paint them at one of our events. And otherwise, we’re sticking to a classic Bavarian approach: We’ll wait and see what happens!

Munich Startup: Tea or coffee?

Oliver Breiter: Coffee for me. Alex prefers a rhubarb juice spritzer.

Helen Duran

Als Redakteurin ist die Wirtschaftsgeografin Helen Duran seit 2015 für Euch in der hiesigen Gründerszene unterwegs. Sie ist neugierig auf Eure spannenden Startup-Geschichten!

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