Transforming Mobility – 7 questions to… SPLT!

SPLT is an B2B transportation management platform changing the way people meet and move worldwide, freeing up hours and cars from the daily commute. Originally Detroit-based, the US-Startup just joined the TechFounders Munich Accelerator Program to steer the European-wide expansion from here.

1. Please tell us about yourselves.

Anya Babbitt is the Founder & CEO of SPLT. Anya has started multiple businesses and exited one. The idea for SPLT first came four years ago when Anya was working in Los Angeles and staying at a hotel. She took the hotel shuttle back and forth every day until one day it was completely booked. She “split” the ride that day with two other hotel guests and SPLT was born. The sharing of rides and ideas helped bring the first version of SPLT – an app for people traveling in the same direction to share the cost of a taxi in urban areas. The idea has since evolved into a platform transforming mobility.

Split the ride –  for enterprise transportation

Anya Babbitt SPLT
Anya Babbitt, CEO and founder of SPLT

SPLT is an enterprise transportation management platform changing the way people meet and move worldwide, freeing up hours and cars from our daily commute. We partner with organizations (corporations, universities and municipalities) to develop customized carpooling programs, in a closed network, helping to promote green initiatives, attraction & retention of employees and inter-corporate networking.

SPLT’s closed-network platform integrates with multi-modal transport including car sharing, busing and fleet optimization. In partnership with Lyft, SPLT also provides hospitals and other healthcare providers with on-demand non-emergency medical transportation.

2. But that’s nothing out of the box!

SPLT is the first truly on-demand enterprise shared mobility platform. Beyond saving time, money, reducing wear and tear on vehicle and increasing productivity, SPLT also reduces stress, increases social potential through new connections, and positively impacts the environment.

Our competitors are individual-based (B2C) carpooling platforms. SPLT is uniquely positioned with our hands-on B2B approach. Our competitive advantage is our hands-on approach to onboarding employees and encouraging adoption.

We are also the only commuter rideshare service as a benefit which means we work with corporations that already have 100s or 1000s of employees, building in critical mass from day one. A large barrier to entering this market is lack of ability to build critical mass onto the platform. By taking a B2B approach, SPLT overcomes this hurdle.

Amazig team, forward-thinking technology

 3. What’s your three ingredients for success?

Despite being a small business, we’ve had huge successes — we’ve won 40+ awards to date and have raised $1.5M in funding — and we attribute those to 1, our amazing team, 2, steady mentorship, and 3, forward-thinking technology.

4. Seriously: How’s business? 

SPLT’s Platform reaches 150,000 users. The team has found traction with large scale customers including DTE Energy (Detroit), Bosch (Mexico) Munich RE (Cincinnati), PG&E (San Francisco), and Ford (Dearborn).

For connected car head unit integrations, SPLT has deals with US and German OEM’s to create a friction-free distraction-free experience. Our pipeline has over 150 companies representing 1M employees and over $3.5M of recurring revenue. We project $1.5M in sales in 2017 from carpooling alone. The SPLT team has grown to 15+ individuals and we have been featured in 195+ press mentions.

“Using Munich as a launchpad to launch elsewhere in Europe”

5. What does Munich mean to you? 

SPLT is very familiar with Munich, as we have recently been accepted into the TechFounders Munich Accelerator Program. Since arriving into Munich this past Spring, we have received unparalleled support and mentorship from the local startup ecosystem.

We just recently attended Bits & Pretzels where we heard inspirational talks given by entrepreneurs all across Europe,  where we had our own booth to showcase the SPLT solution alongside other UnternehmerTUM startups.

We have already secured paying customers in the region, bringing our enterprise transportation management platform to ADAC and their Munich office. We plan to continue to build a presence in Munich and to capitalizing on all of the opportunities this new city has to offer, and using it as a launchpad to launch elsewhere in Europe, where there is lots of interest in SPLT.

“One of  fastest growing MaaS companies”

6. Will your startup be the next unicorn? Or will we see each other soon at an Epic Fail Night?

Currently, SPLT is one of the world’s fastest growing MaaS companies. We are working everyday to become the next “unicorn,“ but think of SPLT more as a cheetah, leading the pack and racing towards the finish line, even though our team mascot is a Panda!

We are transforming mobility by integrating people and technology, starting with our safe and secure ride sharing product line. Building upon our versatile, robust and easy to use platform, we are now moving into the multi-modal transportation arena including car sharing, sensor integration for smart parking, bus integration and fleet utilization.

Ultimately, SPLT envisions a future where sustainable, reliable, and affordable mobility access is available to all. As a female-owned, minority-owned tech business in the male-dominated automotive industry, we are not concerned about the odds of success, as we are already defying them—instead, SPLT is laser focused on changing the way people meet and move in urban environments.

7. Isar or English Garden?

While the Isar River is perfect for a relaxing evening, we cannot deny favoring the English Garden. This beautiful public park embodies everything we strive for at SPLT. When we take a stroll through the park, we see a connected, sustainable community where individuals opt to bike or walk, and where people can meet and form new connections.

How wonderful would it be for our environment and for our communities if all the world operated like the English Garden? Not to mention, we can’t complain about its close proximity to the Chinese Tower Beergarden!