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Profile BLIPhead – From Formula 1 to fast-tracked app development

Out of the pit lane and into app development. That, in a nutshell, could serve as Mike’s résumé. It certainly makes for a sexy soundbite, but it doesn’t even begin to do justice to the experience and achievements of the BLIPhead founder. In early 2000, the engineer developed the first racing car for BMW’s young Formula 1 talent. Only ten years later, one of his protégés – some guy by the name of Sebastian Vettel! – won the World Championship for the first time.


The 44-year-old sees parallels between his time in motor racing and the way a startup works. Except that, when he first set out to realize his vision, he did not have the backing of a team: At the outset, Mike stood alone on the field of battle. Yet even when he reached his peak, resting on his laurels was not an option. Instead, he again chose the hard road and set his sights on the app development industry – fully aware that obstacle after obstacle lay ahead of him.

No team? No nothing…

Mike’s Munich-based IT startup BLIPhead GmbH specializes in mobile apps, innovative websites and web shops. The sbob.me app was his first new baby, but his attention has since shifted to SPREYA (“your mobile bulletin board”), launched on the market in 2013. As the number of inquiries for customer projects rose, the young BLIPhead team – which Mike describes as “critical and essential to our success” – took the decision in fall 2014 to pass on its expertise. “There was a kind of cross-pollination between projects,” Mike explains. He only has good things to say about this experience of broadening his horizons: “If you get stuck in one project for too long, you get to a point where you stop being creative. New projects always mean new ideas, which in turn can be mapped onto other projects.”

Right now, BLIPhead GmbH has one customer who, in Mike’s own words, came from LogoSpreyaGroßBerlin to Munich because “there was too much talk but nothing happening there”. Generally speaking, the entrepreneur believes Munich has a far too poor reputation, even among investors. He himself is still looking for financial backers for future projects and to keep SPREYA moving. We wish BLIPhead every success!

For more information, please visit the BLIPhead GmbH website.