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Magazino: Logistical robots drive success

Magazino GmbH was founded in 2012 by Frederik Brantner (Chief Executive Officer), Lukas Zanger (Chief Technology Officer) und Nikolas Engelhard (Senior Expert Computer Vision). The fast-growing team boasts a broad range of skills, from years of front-line mechanical engineering experience to a doctorate in robotics, from image processing research to a professorship in combinatorial optimization. Every member of the team is working flat out to develop disruptive robotics solutions.

Magazino founders
Magazino founders Nikolas Engelhard, Lukas Zanger and Frederik Brantner (left to right).

Originally spun off as a project from the Technische Universität München (TUM), Magazino – currently based at the Laim Industry Center in Munich, has maintained close links with Germany’s famous technology incubator to this day. Since its launch, the fledgling company has repeatedly won prizes in a number of competitions. Including the evobis Bavarian Business Plan Competition, bestofmunich and the idea challenge.


Co-founder Frederik Brantner took time out to answer a few questions by Munich Startup about Magazino’s development in Munich.

What made you choose Munich as your home base?

Hardware and robotics are a perfect match for Munich. Suppliers, investors and partners such as the Technische Universität München are all here with a density you won’t find anywhere else in Germany.

What obstacles and setbacks did you have to deal with after starting the business? How did you overcome them?

Many things we tried didn’t work until the second attempt. That shows us that we simply need to keep going and not get discouraged. Things take longer, hardware development is expensive and it sometimes takes time to convince all your partners and investors.

© Magazino
© Magazino

What would you say is the secret of your success?

Following a clear vision with a fantastic team on a large market. We have set ourselves lofty goals, but it is worth it.

Do you have any advice for Startup entrepreneurs about the best way to successfully implement ideas?

Talk to lots of people about them! Get feedback, as that is always helpful. Don’t be afraid of disclosing your idea. Ultimately, it is 90% implementation and only 10% inspiration.

What are your plans for the future of the company?

We want to become the market leader for single-object logistical robots with our shelf robot.

Fast, automatic, Magazino

Magazino develops, builds and distributes innovative storage and stock-picking robots that enable individual objects to be removed and replaced accurately and efficiently, even in environments with a wide variety of objects. The company currently sells stationary solutions for two specific industries.

One is the first ever round – and hence extremely compact – Maru automated dispensing system for pharmacies. Thanks to its innovative design, Maru is lightning-fast. It automatically removes and stores packages from boxes supplied by wholesalers, independently recognizing bar codes and expiry dates.

Magazino's Kado Pick & Place Station
Magazino’s Kado Pick & Place Station © Magazino

The other is the Kado Pick & Place Station for the logistics industry. Kado recognizes many products automatically, even without bar codes, thanks to advanced 2D/3D image recognition technology. When integrated in an existing paternoster or shuttle system, Kado automatically picks inbound products and, for example, forwards them to the packing station for shipping.

To learn more about Magazino, please visit the company’s website.