Mobility in Cities of the Future – Interview with Parkhere and Veomo

Mobility improves our quality of life. It is the prerequisite for economic growth, trade and creativity, but also our personal…

Digital Hub Mobility: Sustainable Mobility for All



Digital Hub Mobility: Sustainable Mobility for All

The Digital Hub Mobility wants to sustainably rethink mobility. We learned more about how that looks and what’s currently going…


Startup Stories


Parkpocket: The Simplified Search for Parking

Stop and go on the Mittlerer Ring, standstill on Leopoldstraße, a traffic jam at Luise-Kiesselbach-Platz — patience is often required…


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Bavaria Israel Partnership Accelerator launched

The Bavaria Israel Partnership Accelerator (BIPA) officially opened for business at WERK1 in Munich on September 8. The program supports…