Seoul, Südkorea

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Going Global: Benefitting From South Korea’s Innovative Spirit

A lack of red tape, highly digital companies and daily life, quick access to funds and employees: South Korea offers…


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Going Global: Why Innovative Startups Should Take a Look at Switzerland

With its roughly 8.5 million residents, Switzerland isn’t necessarily a large market – but as home to numerous international corporations…


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Going Global: Israel Beckons with Venture Capital and International Contacts

Israel has established a reputation as a startup nation and is considered a role model by many other ecosystems. What…

Santiago, Chile, Lateinamerika

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Going Global: Latin America has a Need for Innovation and Technology

Latin America is a large growth market that offers young companies major opportunities. But care should be taken to not…


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Going Global: London is Calling!

London is considered the largest startup hub in Europe with the best networks, which makes it attractive for all companies…



Going Global: Singapore, the Ideal Springboard for Startups

The Indo-Pacific region is considered the world’s engine for growth, which means it is also of high priority for German…

German Accelerator


German Accelerator: Go West, Go East, Go Fast!

Internationalization – yes or no? It’s a situation faced by many successful startups. To make the major step “international expansion”…

UnternehmerTUM international


“Think About Internationalization Early On” — A talk with UnternehmerTUM international

What should you do if you want to take a brave step into international markets as a startup? The best…