Ryver.ai: Synthetic data for radiology AI

Ryver.ai wants to use generative artificial intelligence (AI) to generate diverse test and training data and thus solve the data…

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Twaice combines battery knowledge with artificial intelligence

Munich-based startup Twaice offers predictive analytics software that optimizes both the development and operation of batteries via an AI-powered platform.…

AwesomeQA Team


AwesomeQA: AI answers for the community

Munich-based startup AwesomeQA aims to improve community management with its AI-driven customer support solution. Founded in 2022 by brothers Alexander…

Sub Capitals


Sub Capitals: AI-based Investment Strategy

The Munich-based fintech Sub Capitals was founded in 2017 and offers its clients an automated investment strategy based on artificial…

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AI for startups: Why and how startups are benefiting from using this technology

ChatGPT has helped artificial intelligence get more attention today than ever before. Nevertheless, there are many companies that are struggling…


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Know-How Meets AI: Creating Corporate Culture With Smart Recruiting

Creating a good corporate culture is not a task that can be done on the side and all at once.…



Summ: Plain Language With Help From AI

Plain language doesn’t ‘just’ mean avoiding long sentences, but is rather a defined linguistic style. Until now, texts have been…

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Optiwiser: Planning AI For the Food Industry

Too much was purchased and lands in the trash: Because of faulty planning, many products spoil in the food industry…



Orbem: “We Combine Imaging With AI”

The Munich startup Orbem links imaging technology, such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), with artificial intelligence. This allows the international…

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Sub Capitals Wants Fair Financial Markets Through Artificial Intelligence

Sub Capitals is a Munich-based fintech startup that wants to make artificial intelligence (AI) available for private investors in financial…