A talk with… space investor Alpine Space Ventures

Alpine Space Ventures is a venture capitalist in the New Space sector. The VC invests in the most promising technologies…

Spaces4Scaleups Mark Accumulata


Spaces4Scaleups launches: “The right workspace for the next growth leap”

Fast-growing startups in Munich are often confronted with a major problem: How do I find suitable office space that I…

Maresa Schleich PwC


How PwC can help startups scale up

A large consulting firm and startups, how does that work? Working with a consulting firm like PwC can be particularly…

Possible Ventures team


Possible Ventures: Want to invest in “the good”

Possible Ventures is an early-stage investor founded in 2020 and based in Munich. The venture capitalist invests globally in startups…

Pavlina Vujović, Start for Future


Start for Future: Innovations for Europe

As a Europe-wide cooperative, Start for Future has been promoting cooperation between universities, startups and public organisations for two years.…

GründerRegio M


GründerRegio M: 25 years for the Munich ecosystem

GründerRegio M has been strengthening Munich’s startup network for 25 years and is especially committed to female founders. On the…

Olaf Kranz


Creative City Munich – An Interview With Olaf Kranz

Since the middle of last year, Olaf Kranz has been the new head of the Cultural and Creative Industries Team…

Stadt München


“The importance and potential of impact startups for our society are enormous” – Interview with Birgit Siepmann

As Impact Entrepreneurship & Social Innovation Manager, Birgit Siepmann is the point of contact for Munich impact startups of all…

Social-Startup-Hub Bayern


Social-Startup-Hub Bayern: New One-Stop Shop for Social Enterprises

The new Social-Startup-Hub Bayern is intended to promote social enterprises in Bavaria. The hub is sponsored by the Social Entrepreneurship…

Spaces for Scaleups


Spaces for Scaleups: How Growing Startups Can Find Suitable Office Space

The Munich startup ecosystem offers young companies many advantages, such as the proximity to universities and corporates, but it also…