The "Mark" in Munich is one of the properties where Scaleups can book space via Spaces4Scaleups.
© Mark Gilardone Fotografie / Accumulata

Spaces4Scaleups launches: “The right workspace for the next growth leap”

Fast-growing startups in Munich are often confronted with a major problem: How do I find suitable office space that I can also afford? And offices where I can continue to grow flexibly? The new Spaces4Scaleups platform is here to help.

The online portal Spaces4Scaleups was recently launched. The web platform and the network behind it are designed to make it easier and quicker for startups to find flexible office space in future, without the need for a broker. On the one hand, space offers selected especially for startups are presented here and made more accessible for scaleups. On the other hand, the network partners from the real estate industry introduce themselves so that founders know exactly who offers which services and is the best fit.

The platform was implemented by Munich Business, the city of Munich’s business development agency. It was supported by network partners from the real estate industry – led by Accumulata – and the Munich-based startup Shareyourspace, a platform for brokering unused office space.

Suitable offers for scaleups

Clemens Baumgärtner, Head of the Department of Labor and Economic Affairs of the City of Munich, on the launch of the Spaces4Scaleups website:

“Finding space is not easy, especially for scaleups: there are hardly any affordable and small-scale spaces that are also rented out for short periods of time. We can help here: The new Spaces4Scaleups portal offers targeted support from a single source. With this modern web platform, we as a business development agency, together with our committed network partners from the Munich real estate industry, are making flexible and suitable space offers for scaleups more accessible and, above all, faster.”

The “Spaces for Scaleups” network of private providers curated by Munich Business was launched in 2021 to provide more offers for scaleups with space requirements of more than 100 square meters. Shortened search processes and direct mediation save startups valuable time and money. And the often necessary move to larger spaces is made easier. There are already 15 network partners on the platform, who currently put around 20 needs-based space offers into the portfolio.

How space providers benefit from Spaces4Scaleups

One of these is Accumulata. The company offers startups flexible, modern office spaces in various sizes at affordable prices. Bettina Stadler, Managing Director at Accumulata Operations, says:

“Through our involvement in Spaces4Scaleups and the associated support for startups, we are making a contribution to the future development of competitive business locations.”

And the network also offers great potential for the space providers themselves, Stadler continues:

“Spaces4Scaleups offers space providers the unique opportunity to significantly increase the future viability of their office properties. Participation not only enables short-term gains, but also opens up long-term strategic advantages.”

After all, today’s startups are not only potentially long-term customers, but also increase the attractiveness of existing properties.

Startup on board for development

Shareyourspace, a Munich-based startup, was also involved in the implementation of the platform. Tobias Wagner, founder and CEO of Shareyourspace, is delighted to be able to provide a digital booking option in the project:

“Spaces4Scaleups is what it takes to quickly and efficiently provide innovative, young companies with space – the right workspace for their next growth leap. At preferential conditions. In other words, a special workspace service instead of gross floor space chains, hundred-page rental agreements and a host of brokers.”

An article on the background to the ‘Spaces for Scaleups’ program can be found here.