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Guud: Sustainability as a benefit program for companies

The Munich-based startup Guud was founded in 2021 by Alina Friedrichs and Susanna Mur. The founders want to get people excited about a sustainable lifestyle and conscious consumption. To achieve this, they have created a benefit card for company employees that can be used to shop at 10,000 sustainable locations. An interview with Susanna Mur.

Munich Startup: What does Guud do? What problem do you solve?

Susanna Mur, co-founder of Guudcard: With Guud-Benefits, we inspire people to adopt a sustainable lifestyle and offer companies the opportunity to make it easier and more affordable for their employees to make conscious consumption decisions. The two main products are the Guudcard, a sustainable benefit card, and the Guudschein, a universal voucher for sustainable online stores.

This enables us to solve challenges on two sides:

  • It is difficult and often more expensive for consumers to live more sustainably – which is why there is often an intention-behavior gap. With our products, we support our users in living more consciously – financed by the employer.
  • In the ‘war for talent’, companies have to impress on many levels, increasingly also in the area of sustainability. Employees and talented individuals are attaching more and more importance to the sustainable commitment of their (potential) employer. With our products, companies can support their employees in leading a sustainable lifestyle and thus anchor their sustainable values visibly and tangibly in their everyday (working) lives. As a result, they achieve greater identification and employee loyalty and at the same time become more attractive to talent.

Guud: Benefits with a focus on sustainability

Munich Startup: But that already exists!

Susanna Mur: No, not really, at least not in a sustainable way. Guudcard and Guudschein are the first products of their kind in the benefits sector to focus on the sustainability of the points of acceptance. You can’t use the Guudcard to fill up your car with gas or to shop at a discount store. And that won’t change in the future. This makes us the only ones to combine employee loyalty and sustainability measures.

We check all of our more than 10,000 acceptance points against 30 ESG criteria – so companies can be sure that the credit really does flow into sustainable places. And our users can easily discover verified sustainable places in their area. With our wide range of offers from all areas of life, there really is something for everyone: from organic supermarkets and restaurants to sustainable mobility options and art and cultural institutions.

Munich Startup: What is your founding story?

Susanna Mur: Various things came together to found Guud. Alina was a volunteer at the Future Cooperative, which makes sustainable places visible on a map. Having previously built up the HR department in a startup and also introduced a benefit card there, Alina had the idea of combining the two: A credit card for employees, which they can use to pay at the verified sustainable places on the map.

I also have a startup and innovation background and wanted to finally start my own business – with a company that has a positive impact on the environment and society. When I first met Alina, we realized that we were not only on the same wavelength professionally, but also personally. We shared the vision of contributing to the promotion of a sustainable lifestyle. This inspired us to found Guud.

Financing for a responsibly owned company? Challenging!

Munich Startup: What have been your biggest challenges so far?

Susanna Mur: Finding suitable financing was a particular challenge for us. We founded our company according to the principles of steward-ownership. This means that we don’t want to sell it, the financial payments to all shareholders are limited and co-determination only lies with the people who are actively involved in the company. This means that you are “at the bottom” of many traditional investment opportunities. We then found our great investors through a business network, who share our values and financed us according to these principles.

Munich Startup: How is business going?

Susanna Mur: Since our founding in September 2021, we have already acquired over 170 customers. From bicycle repair shops to banks, all company sectors and sizes are represented here.

We are particularly pleased that we have already channelled over 1 million euros into sustainable retail. This year, we aim to quadruple this amount. In addition, our map now lists over 10,000 sustainable acceptance points across Germany where you can pay with the Guudcard and new ones are being added every day.

Munich Startup: How have you experienced Munich as a startup location so far?

Susanna Mur: We started in Munich and will remain rooted here in the future. The diverse network here has provided us with valuable contacts and support that have helped us to drive our ideas forward and develop further. The exchange with other founders in our co-working office at Wayra Germany is also very valuable for us.

Munich Startup: Hidden Champion or Shooting Star?

Susanna Mur: At the moment, we are still a hidden champion. Sustainable benefits are currently still quite a small niche on the market. But the trend is clearly moving towards more sustainability – on both the corporate and consumer side. So: soon to be a shooting star!

Helen Duran

Als Redakteurin ist die Wirtschaftsgeografin Helen Duran seit 2015 für Euch in der hiesigen Gründerszene unterwegs. Sie ist neugierig auf Eure spannenden Startup-Geschichten!

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