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Innovative materials, tech and architecture: Sustainable façades with Mungenast / Morroni

Companies in the cultural and creative industries are often pioneers in integrating circular economy concepts into their business model. In our current series on this topic, we showcase selected young companies from the cultural and creative industries that are thinking about the circular economy from the ground up.

Moritz Mungenast and Luc Morroni founded their architecture firm in 2023. They create customized and multifunctional architectural solutions from biological (residual) plastics such as plastic bottles using additive manufacturing. How do the two founders integrate the circular economy into their business model and what are the current challenges? Find out in the interview with Moritz Mungenast.

Munich Startup: Who are you and what does Mungenast / Morroni do?

Moritz Mungenast: Mungenast / Morroni is an office for 3D-printed architecture based in the RUFFINIHAUS Creative Hub and develops building facades and interiors from recycled plastic bottles.

Munich Startup: What tech features do you use to apply cradle-to-cradle principles?

Moritz Mungenast: We are currently using recycled PETG, i.e. polyethylene terephthalate, which most people are familiar with in the form of PET bottles. This allows us to produce multifunctional and translucent façades. The material can be 100 percent reintegrated into a new façade element at the end of its life cycle. In this way, we ensure a closed material cycle.

Mungenast / Morroni: 3D-printed architecture and recyclable façades

Munich Startup: How do you incorporate the circular economy into your business model?

Moritz Mungenast: That is the driving force behind our idea: to use a new material in combination with additive manufacturing and computational design to create new design possibilities in architecture. We want to establish a new CO2-neutral material solution for translucent components in the construction industry.

Munich Startup: What can other startups learn from you?

Moritz Mungenast: Don’t give up!

In search of an investment

Munich Startup: What are your current challenges?

Moritz Mungenast: We are currently looking for investors. At the same time, we are looking for an initial application project in which we can generate a high level of visibility and prove that implementation is possible on a large scale.

Munich Startup: Where do you see yourselves in five years?

Moritz Mungenast: Implementing many façade projects worldwide with a new circular, bio-based plastic and making a significant contribution to sustainable construction.