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Jennifer Roscher: “Make it Through the Crisis Together!”

Jennifer Roscher founded Mymary. As its CEO, the business graduate built the startup that was founded in 2015 and then really got going with recruitment for childcare in 2019. Companies are her primary target group. During the corona crisis in particular, the business model of the self-financed startup is more important than ever. We spoke with Jennifer Roscher.

Munich Startup: What motivated you to found Mymary?

Jennifer Roscher: My experience as a childminder! I looked after many families and quickly recognized the demand. I always tried to support families with every spare minute. And then at some point I realized that I can professionally recruit childcare staff and wanted to expand on that.

Never self-employed and working non-stop?

Munich Startup: Did you have role models when starting the company?

Jennifer Roscher: No, because back then, I didn’t really realize that I was founding my own business. What I did know was that I never wanted to be self-employed and working non-stop. And during my professional training and studies, I had already started a company without really realizing it!

Munich Startup: Is there a lack of female role models in the startup industry?

Jennifer Roscher: Yes! At the same time, there are already so many fantastic role models when you look at women like Verena Pausder, Lea-Sophie Cramer or Laura Malina Seiler. But we still need more success stories from women who can take over the reins, get others to listen and find their voices.

Munich Startup: When and where do you have the best ideas?

Jennifer Roscher: At night, alone. And when I’ve slept well and I’m somewhere peaceful.

Jennifer Roscher: “My biggest talent is organization”

Munich Startup: What’s your biggest talent?

Jennifer Roscher: My biggest talent is organization. I can’t sing, dance, paint or anything like that…but if there’s one thing I can do, it’s organize!

Munich Startup: What’s the biggest mistake you’ve ever made?

Jennifer Roscher: That thinking big is always and the only right thing to do. You’re constantly brought back down to earth by different obstacles, no matter how visionary your thinking might be. That’s because it all depends on so many other factors that also need to fall into place.

Munich Startup: How do you set priorities? What are they?

Jennifer Roscher: That’s a good question! My priorities are: working through my to-dos for the day, the week, the month and reaching mid and long-term goals!

“Go for it, be courageous!”

Munich Startup: Do you think now is a good time to start a company? Why?

Jennifer Roscher: That depends on the person, the product and the service. And just as much on the network you have, and on the experience and know-how that you bring along, etc. I don’t think there’s a blanket answer for that. But I can say to every woman: Go for it, be courageous! We women can accomplish anything if we really want to!

Munich Startup: Do you support other founders?

Jennifer Roscher: I always try to provide support and want others to be able to benefit from my experience. And even when my calendar keeps getting busier, I still try to make time for it. That might be a bachelor’s or master’s thesis survey for students about networking or building networks or even a company exchange.

Munich Startup: What are the three most offensive prejudices you’ve encountered while starting a company?

Jennifer Roscher: For me, there were actually four types of prejudice, namely:

  • You’re not enough
  • You don’t have enough
  • You can’t do enough
  • Your company isn’t good enough

“We can only make it through this crisis together”

Munich Startup: What’s on top of your desk at the moment?

Jennifer Roscher: Our B2B acquisition for Mymary because especially now with corona, it’s a matter of supporting families. That’s why we’re seriously approaching companies right now with hopes of providing support for employees with families. We can only make it through this crisis together! Not by leaving our employees on their own and working from home while also taking care of homeschooling.

On top of that, the tax advantages for emergency daycare and providing childcare staff are so advantageous for companies that it only makes sense to provide support as a company! That’s why it’s something we want to strongly support, so balancing family and work and family-friendliness in companies no longer has to play a role and is no longer a subject that needs discussing.

Munich Startup: What makes you happy?

Jennifer Roscher: My puppy, long walks, a good balance between work and free time and everyday life. But I have to say the latter obviously isn’t always easy to do as a founder!